Election in Democracy - How Do We Know It Is Fair and Square!


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In a democratic country Electoral process should be fair and square. Some times political parties seek the help of the underworld and employ the unsocial elements during election. The politicians who want to win ‘at any cost’ stoop to such low level dirty tricks. Some of the candidates maintain smaller teams of criminals at different stations. They commit crimes ignoring public protests. Arrogance is their trade mark. They extract funds by forceful means from people to meet their day to day luxurious life style-expenses.

The polling officers are terrorized into submission. Most of the officers are recruited from local officials from Banks, Educational institutions, Government servants etc. Their places of residence and other whereabouts are known to these crooks and black-mailers. All it takes is a veiled threat. “Do you want to go back home in one piece?"

Although identification cards with photo are issued to most of the voters, the crooks impersonate several voters and caste their votes. The polling officers wouldn’t dare open their and object. With or without IDs they make sure all the absentees vote for their own candidate. A list of all the absentees is provided by the candidate’s office. Their data bank is always updated. The sick and the dead are also included in the list.

The representatives of the opposing candidates are kept away by force or threat. Only the polling Officers are silent witnesses to such well organized crime. They laugh at democracy and the Election department. They have a large supply of duplicated IDs and technology to change photographs whenever they need it. Some say the Defense Services should be called in to supervise the entire proceedings without involving the local civilians. A computer system should be provided to check the authenticity of the ID cards. Air force, Army or Navy personnel can handle the polling station duties more efficiently. It will be difficult to threaten or black-mail them.

Candidates, Children, Crime - “Presidential Election Polls for 2008 Presidency".


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