Can The USA And Israel Fight Side-By-Side?

Victor Epand

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For over 60 years the USA and Israel have been close allies. However we have yet to fight a war in the Middle East together to destroy an enemy. The IDF and the US military have both proven time and time again they don't need anyone's help to fight their enemies. However will Israel and the US ever unite as one army to destroy an enemy who threatens them both? It almost happened in the Gulf War. But will it ever happen? Many Muslims will view this as proof of a joint Zionist/American plot to destroy them. And anyone who thinks Israel will find an Arab country willing to fight along side them willingly are fools.

Israel and the U. S. have never fought side by side; however, they have fought face-to-face when they bombed the USS Liberty. Israel has taken care of business defending against simultaneous attacks in the past and there's no reason to believe they couldn't handle similar aggression in the future. We'll continue to support them obviously, but I doubt you'll see our air force/navy/army fighting side-by-side anytime soon. As far as Iran is concerned. . . are you insinuating some kind of land invasion by a combined US/Israeli force?

The American flag was prominently displayed. The Israeli planes were unmarked. Gunboats launched torpedoes at close range. And there were massacres involving hundreds of Egyptian prisoners going on at the same time. Probably that's why the Israeli's wanted to sink the spy ship. Israel, a nation with about 6.3 million people, is not really looking to invade Iran, a country of over 68 million people.

The indications are that Israel is not even really looking to strike at Iran's nuclear facilities either. It would have to overfly Iraq or Turkey to reach Iran, and that would complicate matters for them. They don't want to get involved. Not yet. Not unless they were directly threatened. Remember golf war, US pressure Israeli not to attack Iraq if Iraq lunch missile at Israeli.

While Iran has definitely been a needle digging at the sovereignty of Israel, and has been undermining US interests abroad, the same can be said of the US going after Iran covertly. This is costly and non-productive for both sides. However, Israel might be forced to defend itself from Hezbollah attacks if the US unilaterally decides to. This would be nasty, dirty asymmetric 4th generational war mixed with plenty of terrorism. It would not be a glorious 3rd generational armor charge into prepared positions.

If the U. S. and Israel went into Iran, side by side, it would do the one thing that the Islamic world has been unable to do on it's own to date. Unite the entire Islamic world against the West. Why do you think the Coalition begged the Israelis to stay out of the first Gulf War, even though they were being hit by Scuds? Since Abraham is the father of Israel, his dad's name who was Terah, duration wandering a nomadic term I believe.

And if you use a genetic matrix meaning second arrangement it, Terah, time and seasons of badness/war, then the third arrangement retag in the first place/maybe meaning Eden or head of the family etc. Therefore, the history of scripture is reappearing as we try to settle the terrorist problem.

Especially by being Abraham's mother country Babylon, the place of confusion of tongues. Almost forgot, Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon was personally given Egypt, for serving the Lord God of Israel when he destroyed the tyre in Land Warfare. Well if all you read on the incident was the blurb that the JVL (Israeli Propaganda) said, of course you would think it was an accident. I have talked ‘firsthand’ to survivors from the Liberty. The JVL doesn't bother to mention the numerous recons over flights their air force did of the Liberty ‘before’ the attack.

Nor does JVL mention the fact that Israeli gunboats machine gunned the lifeboats that the Liberty dropped over the side out of the water. Now as any body with any military experience can tell you, if you are close enough to machine gun in lifeboats, you are more than close enough to read the oversize high contrast white lettering on a grey background when the letters height is measured in yards.

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