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The World Diversity


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The conflicts which have occurred between 1961 and 2007 will bear this out, starting with the Vietnam war, and up to 2007 and Afghanistan and Iraq, not counting what went before and may continue indefinitely in the future. Another factor that destroys the ideal is the apparent exploitation of workers in the Third World. Multinational companies deny this, stating that the wages are higher than local pay – but the end result is poverty and sometimes child slavery, so that the West can purchase cheaper consumables. Huge debts, sickness and corrupt governments exist, and no amount of technical and media systems seems able to affect these positively. Some hope exists in that pressure is being brought to bear on governments to write off debts and bring more aid. This still does not make McLuhan’s dream a reality.

“Worldwide Exchange” aimed at chief executives and linking Asian, U. S. and European financial markets. CNBC President, Mark Hoffman, quoted in the article, considered these were “the best educated and most affluent audiences in the world. ” The concept of ‘global village’ here was applied to the communication technology that allowed money to be made immediately. It did not encompass the ideal, being too exclusive and profit driven for that to apply.

In conclusion, the answer to the question must be that the world is not really becoming a ‘global village’ in the ideal sense of that concept. There is no doubt that the Internet is a wonderful tool for learning about and connecting with other cultures. But that ‘otherness’ may be too difficult to transcend for East and West, poor and rich and so forth. Our human differences and the need to identify with the values and beliefs of our cultures may prevent the achievement of the vision. Wars and exploitation, poverty and sickness, accessibility of information, media interpretation and influence, may all conspire to prevent the worldwide community becoming a reality. But there is hope. As individuals, we are social, kind, morally responsible and intelligent, in the main. As the BBC World Service motto states: “And Nation Shall Speak Unto Nation”, perhaps the ‘global village’ dream will become a reality.

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