Do Your Beliefs and Current Reality On Attracting Women Match Up

Teddy Shabba

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What do you believe right now when it comes to attracting women?

What is your current reality when it comes to attracting women?

If you are being honest with yourself then the answer to both of these questions is the same or similar.

For instance, a man who believes he can attract women in reality must be attracting women.

It is impossible for a man to believe he can attract women and in reality not attract women.

Now, it is possible to believe that you can attract women and in reality not have attracted the woman or women that you want yet.

This leads us directly to the next question.

How do you change your beliefs and current reality at the same time?

The simple answer is you change what you choose to focus on.

Your current reality is based on what you think just like your beliefs.

When your current reality changes so does your beliefs or rather your current reality is adjusted to fit your beliefs.

If you believe you can attract women if you meet a woman that you can not attract, you will either delete the meeting entirely or distort it so much that in the end your belief is still true.

In fact, you will generalize your success so much that it will be quite impossible for you to remember the times when you didn't attract women because in your reality they do not exist.

In the end, what you think about and choose to focus on is the reality you will get, no matter what.

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