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Politicians are often given a bad rap, but sometimes, just sometimes they can give us the funniest humor on the planet.

A recent verbal brawl in the Queensland State Parliament between Premier Peter Beattie and Rob Messenger had me in hysterics when I read this courteously the courier mail

"While debating extra protection for whistleblowers, Mr Messenger on Wednesday night likened the Premier in a dinner suit to “watching a prostitute dressed in a ballgown talking about celibacy".

Mr Beattie yesterday demanded an apology, which he initially appeared to be getting.

"I have had this morning to think about my comments and reflect on my behaviour. I have decided that the Premier is right. My comments were unparliamentary and I should apologise. So I wholeheartedly and sincerely apologise to the prostitutes of Queensland, " Mr Messenger replied, sending the house into uproar".

The best thing out of the Queensland State Parliament in years.

There have been many classic quotes and downright funny moments thanks to politicians - Think of Winston Churchill's Classic repose to a female dinner companions barb of “if you were my husband I would poison your tea", to which Winston Churchill replied, “if you were my wife I would drink it!" Classic Humor. I've yet to meet a comedian who can be this funny, showing us once again the great humor is life itself.

No wonder politics is such an important topic of discussion, it provides many of the most interesting quotes and turn of phase in todays otherwise p. c. world.

In conclusion I give you the greatest political joke at this time - George Bush!

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