Mr. President What About Iraq?

Warren Cooley

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We are in a hell of a mess. I don’t want to spend time pointing fingers and assigning blame for this situation. It would not do any good or change a damn thing. We have an escalating trend in the violence taking place in the middle of the world’s petro-station. The instability this creates in the world is unacceptable. There are competing ethnic and cultural interests that fuel the escalating violence and these need to be resolved with diplomacy and negotiation. They need to be broker so that the resolutions reached are acceptable to everyone. The conditions for diplomacy and negotiation are impossible until the violence subsides and ends.

The question is how to stop the violence so, that we can begin the process of resolving ethnic and cultural differences. Here is what I want to do:

First, clear the table and put all of the possible solutions and issues on it. Simply put there are no potential solutions that we are not willing to talk about, except those that entail more violence. Further, there are no parties of interest that we will not open discussions with except those whose only legitimate claim to existence is by means of force. All of the governments in the region are invited to the table to end this violence and begin acting in ways that promote good relations. We will no longer accept violent behavior from groups, ethnic factions or nation states.

War is a terrible thing, a pathologic destruction of human and material resources. It has be rendered obsolete with the invention of atomic weapons humans recognized its obsolescence but, rather then putting an end to it. They choose to continue warring on each other but, sanitized war, the dirtiest of all human activity. We now carry on wars of terror, fight with smart bombs and surgical strikes. Instead of accepting that by virtue of the terrible destructive power of modern weapons war has been rendered obsolete. We have found ways to carry on wars of attrition. We no longer send troops into war to win. We ask them to be cannon fodder until we can claim a diplomatic victory that secures our political interests. These practices spread war and human suffering like a fungal skin rash slowly but relentlessly taking over its host. We have failed to realize that all we are doing by fighting this sanitized version of war is bargaining with the misery that eventually will kill us all.

To end war we must have the courage to allow it to be as horrible as it is. It makes no sense for the United States to send troops to a region to fight for peace. Why should we risk the life of one of our soldiers when we have the means to enforce a terrible peace in a flash of light and heat. This is a terror that will bring all the parties of interest to the bargaining table and keep them there. All reasonable and productive means should be used to end violence but if these fail then the cancer in the body politic must be burned away so that the body can heal. We have the power to enforce peace and we now have the courage required to use it. Tomorrow invitations to the bargaining table will be dispatched. Lay down your arms and send your representatives to the negotiation or know that your children will never find the future.

My intention is to use all the leverage available to me to find peace. Failing in this effort I will use whatever means is required to prevail over violence and evil. We will no longer fight wars, we will win them. We will have peace so that our human community can begin to address the other issues that compromise our collective futures.

About the Author: Warren Cooley is a teacher, writer, thinker and web entrepreneur. He is currently focused on clearing the cultural and social misunderstanding about the nature of love and offer a deeper more profoundly useful notion of the power of love. He invites you to visit . He is also beginning what he refers to as “open source research" aimed at solving the world’s energy problems by inventing a new fusion energy source and engine. Occasionally he also writes on politics and education. If you would like to contact him directly email: .


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Iraq, When Will It All End?
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