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There is an individual definition of love which is very personnel and intimate. Love can be defined or explained only by those who experienced such a wonderful emotion. And again every one in this world has his own unique view point in this case of love. In other words the definition of love from every one will have a definite difference from the other.

In a crude manner love can be explained as a chemical state of mind that's part of our genes. It is not that simple. The upbringing has a lot to do with this emotion. Family restrictions and discipline may have caused premature death to this sweet romantic emotion.

Is it a chemical composition or human pheromones (the excitement carrier) that inspire this emotion? Or is it an inherent sense of reproduction and procreation? Certain preset conditions are set in our brain. It is like a search engine in the internet language. The moment you see the person something in our mind clicks regardless of the caste, creed or religion.

May be it is the dress, the personality or mannerisms or something else that stimulated the attraction. The body odor or the smell of the sweat or something else may have caused the attraction. It could be romantic passion or simple plain lust. If it is erotic passion it has a lot to do with chemical process, similar to that of animal passion.

The hormones estrogen and testosterone instigate *** desire in the youngsters after puberty. Sociological restraints enforce controls and the immature youth suppress their erotic urges.

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What Is It Like To Be In Love? Is All Love The Same? Confusing Lust With Love
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