Calling Your Date: 10 Good Tips for You


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1. One of the best ways to call your date and not look too pushy or overbearing is to make sure they made it home safely. Be it bad weather or a strange place you were leaving from, this will only make you look more caring and responsible.

2. While it is not exactly a way to call your date, text messaging can be a nice alternative to calling if you absolutely can't get the date out of your head. A quick, simple, and easy two line note to let them know how good of a time you had is nice after a really, really good date.

3. If you do not want to call your date afterwards to ask about their safety in getting home to sound over eager or something, simply send an email if you have their address. Something quick and easy like, “just wanted to make sure you made it home okay, had a great time" will be nice and respectful.

4. You or your date may have been in a situation where a major life changing event (promotion, graduation, etc. ) was on the horizon and it is okay to call your date to see how things went. This will make you look very thoughtful and show that you really listened to everything they had to say during the outing.

5. It could make you feel over anxious or desperate to call right away, but make sure that you do call when you had agreed to call if you did agree to something. Not calling at the exact time may send a signal of indifference when you really like the person, which is something you definitely do NOT want to do.

6. If you must make yourself feel better by making your date wait for a little while before you call, don't drag it out more than 72 hours at the most. It may be confusing or nerve racking to decide when to call your date, but it is even worse to sit around and wait for the moment.

7. When you do decide to call your date back and have them on the phone, don't drag out the call by sitting and chatting meaninglessly for hours on end. While it definitely makes you look needy, even worse, it takes away from things you could discuss on the next few awkward dates.

8. You may be busy and in a chaotic moment in your life, but that is no fault of the person that you just dated, don't use “I've been very busy" as an excuse to why it took so long to call. That only makes them feel less important as they also have a busy and important life.

9. Remember if you are agonizing over how to call your date that if the date was as obviously phenomenal as you think it was then they want to hear from you too. Dating is hard, but sometimes people make it too hard and ruin it as a result, if you think they want you to call. . . call!

10. If you have finally conjured up the nerve to call your date back then don't do it without a clue as to what you will say. Don't over prepare like having a script, but think exactly what you want to accomplish, get it done, and get out! The longer you are on the call the more chance there is for you to mess it up!

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