Spousal Loyalty

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Many relationships today are broken. Some are broken due to mutual agreement, however, most are broken up by one of the people in the relationship being un-loyal and acting unfaithful. Staying loyal to your partner is something everyone who wants a strong, long lasting relationship should be focusing on.

Young couples often dream about growing old together, unfortunately, relationships don’t always work out this way.

To make a marriage work takes hard work, focus, commitment, self belief, and mutual understanding.

Day to day activities and events give partners shared experiences, and memories. Over time, these memories, events and activities grow in to a shared history that becomes deep, loving, and bonding. Many people feel strongly connected to their spouse, not just because of love for him or her, but also, because they have a life together, every day, including good times, and bad times. Children can make the bond even stronger between couples, and can make the whole relationship even stronger as a family. Children’s smiles, tears, feelings, and growth, tie both people in the relationship together even further, and make the relationship that much stronger.

The way a couple both care for their children, through the good and the bad, brings both husband and wife together by also adding to the many memories already created.

When both of you agreed to get married, both of you made a strong commitment to one another. As your shared history builds on your long lasting commitment, your overall sense of being part of one another takes that commitment to a higher level. This is known as loyalty.

Loyalty is a strong powerful binding feeling which grows further by our actions, both with our spouses and with others around the relationship. This can strengthen all ties in the relationship and keep you both together to grow even stronger.

Loyalty stands for truth, commitment and out right respect. If you can both be loyal in the relationship, not only have you overcome many hurdles, you have remained true to your selves, and have archived a special kind of bond that is becoming very rare in today’s world.

A problem that could effect your loyalty are that some couples experience during their new found parent hood role is getting too much advice from family and friends, or other people who are close to you and your partner in your shared life. To be honest, becoming parents has a positive effect by bringing extended family, such as in laws and friends closer together in a supportive constructive way. However, sometimes, the advice you are given can divide you as a parenting team.

Being loyal to each other may mean letting well-intentioned people, and those that care know you appreciate their help, but always keep the boundaries around your relationship firm and strong. Your partner is your first and most important advisor. Making decisions together as a team on raising your child will bring you closer together. This new role for you both will also make you stronger as a couple and will create new memories that will tie you together even further.

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