How to Keep Your Man Feeling Lucky and Happy

Py Kim-Conant

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Your Good Man hopes that you will remain the loving, beautiful, feminine, kind, sexy American Geisha that you were when he decided, with your subtle help, that he wanted to marry you. Your Good Man married his American Geisha because of all you brought to him that gave him such pleasure: your sweetness, your niceness, your love, your beauty, your femininity, your sexiness, your sexuality. Now that you are married, he wants to continue to experience all of these pleasures. Make sure he does.

Yet, we all change. Just as the willow bends and changes yet remains a willow, I only suggest that you imagine ways to bend and change that will still allow you to remain the fabulous woman he married ten months or ten years (or fifty years!) ago.

  • Do not disappoint him. You have attracted and married your Good Man, the best man for you. Stay nice, feminine, and beautiful.

  • Continue forever to be his incredible Good Woman. If you could dig deep into a man’s subconscious, you would find that the new groom’s greatest fear is that after the wedding his wife will change. Don’t. At least, not too much. And not too fast.

  • Focus on continuing to please your husband even after you are married. Your beauty, femininity, and sexuality are very important parts of your marriage

  • Take care of yourself, your husband, and your marriage. You were excited about getting married. Now stay excited about being married.

  • Make him always feel fortunate that he found and married you.

  • Continue to treat him so wonderfully that he frequently is inspired to say to you, “I’m so lucky I married you. "

  • Feel fortunate to have found and married such a great Good Man. You are so happy. You are so lucky. (You made your own luck. ) Stay conscious of all of this.

  • Keep the knowledge in your heart that he is lucky that he married you!

    If you are already married, I hope your wonderful husband does tell you over and over how happy and lucky he is to be married to you. I know that you are incredibly motivated to have a fantastic relationship with your husband. He is lucky to have you as his wife. No one could care more than you do to have a great marriage with your Good Man.

    Py Kim Conant is the author of “Sex Secrets of an American Geisha: How to Attract, Satisfy, and Keep Your Man" (Hunter House). Py has appeared on radio shows nationally. Py teaches a class on “How to Be Married in a Year" for the Learning Annex in Los Angeles and San Diego. Looking for relationship, dating and sex tips? Visit Py’s website at

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