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Dating And Sexual Confidence Series Pt 9- Your Sexual Expression Could Be Hurting Your Chances

Christine Akiteng

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In my article “Dating And *** Confidence Series Pt 7 - You Sexy Thing! Where Did You Come From?, I explained that sexiness or a sex appeal that is mysterious, sensual and alluring has nothing to do with good looks or seductive dress. It has everything to do with how much *** energy you generate and how you use that *** energy to inspire sensations of electrifying vitality in others.

Some men and woman generate way too much *** energy but because of the Western long tradition of training children to supress any physical expression of *** beingness (in private and certainly not in public), they don’t know how to outwardly express the *** energy they feel inside. It mostly ends up in the kind of rebellious in-your-face-parade of sexuality we see these days. Something like a Halloween costume one puts on to ‘freak” others out and then retire in the darkness of *** insecurities.

Your *** insecurities can emit an aura of obvious desperateness. Instead of your “sexiness” being natural and effortless it is so pained that one good look and the opposite sex is instinctively put off because there is either nothing there or what is there is repulsive instead of attractive. Others simply take advantage of your desperation.

A majority of men and women on the other hand generate way too little *** energy that the suppressed *** energy becomes sublimated into problems associated with low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, *** timidity, low *** drive, erection problems, failure to achieve orgasms etc. And it’s true what they say, as within so without. Frustration of the flow of *** energy manifests itself in looking tired, boring or uninteresting, up tight, depressed, lazy, nervous, and in tension and deadness especially in those areas of the body that leak out our *** nature (the eyes and groin area).

By simply generating enough raw *** energy at will and directing the intensity of your true erotic yearnings, feelings, desires, and impulses to areas of your body (and life) that bring you meaning and pleasure, you can embody that unmistaken aesthetic swish and swagger that advertises *** beingness without needing to undress or act out *** (Also see my article: The SEXth Sense - You Can’t Fake It. )

1. Recognize and accept that sexuality is part of being human. It is a natural, normal and very powerful of part of life.

2. Stop lying (to yourself and to the others) about your *** self. The only person who suffers from your lies is you.

3. Challenge you sex-negative conditioning, beliefs, attitudes and biases.

4. Drop all those expectations about how it's supposed to look like or be like and instead develop your own individual style and sex appeal

5. Develop a new relationship with your body - seeing it as a reflection of something far more intelligent, wiser, ancient and sacred not a bag of skin to be cut or collection of bones to be rearranged.

5. Commit to learning how to inhabit the space within your body, really being able to feel *** energy moving in there.

6. Add fluidity and elasticity to your body

When you are comfortable with your *** expression, you will feel “perfect” in your own right – and this is regardless of whether you meet society’s standards of sexy or not. You can then afford to invite others in without fear, anxiety or shame.

About the Author: Christine Akiteng, *** Confidence/Dating Coach and author of ebook: The Art Of Seducing Out Of Fullness™ is internationally renowned for her UNIQUE and genuinely insightful outlook to what love is really about, what is there to learn about who we really are and what we can expect from our *** relations. Her very powerful and practical “Fullness Approach™" to dating and relationships and strong emphasis on “you don't need to attract many men/Women, just the RIGHT ONE" has helped many single men and women develop greater capacity to attract the RIGHT man or woman and create fulfilling relationships. . .

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