Saddam as a Leader


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Saddam was born in Tikrit in nineteen thirty seven, despite of the popular belief that he was born in Sodom. His parents were extremely poor. Despite of that his interests were politics and education. He didn’t want to a be a farmer just like his father. He wanted more.

In nineteen fifty six he joined up with the Iraq socialist party and participated in the country’s Prime Minister Assassination attempt three years later. He had to flee the country after failing his mission. In Syria and later Egypt Saddam completed his secondary education. In nineteen sixty three Hussain came back to his home country and started a revolutionary struggle opposing the regime of the Baath government of the time. Later the same year he got arrested for treason. While in prison he received a degree in law and later was elected as the Deputy Secretary General of the leading party while still being in prison.

In sixty seven he resumed the Baath party leadership as he escaped from prison. A year later they reached their goal. Hussain became the wise president of the country and created secret police to get rid of rebels. Later on he became a president and got rid of all the disloyal government officials by killing them. He invaded Iran in nineteen eighty and stayed there despite of eight years of Iran’s bloody struggle for freedom. Later on he invaded Kuwait which ended up rather unfortunate for Iraq. It laid in ruins, blazing and bleeding as UN and the US military support arrived to Iran.

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Hope for a Unified Iraq Died with Saddam
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