Dating And Sexual Confidence Series Part 1: How To Stop Worrying About Rejection

Christine Akiteng

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Dating and *** confidence gives you several advantages. Confidence in initiating and maintaining contact with the opposite sex, confidence in assertively competing against potential rivals, and confidence that you can satisfy the opposite sex’s criteria for a *** partner.

If you lack the confidence, you can’t initiate contact let alone compete against a potential rival. Every time you think of approaching a woman you run every possible negative scenario inside your head. . . other guys are better looking than me… what woman would want to be with me… what if I walk up to her and I have nothing interesting to say… what if she already has someone…. Who am kidding, I wouldn't have a chance… what if she doesn’t pick up the phone… on and on… You repeat these negative thoughts over and over inside your mind until you actually manage to talk yourself out of having to go up to a woman.

For many men, the torture doesn’t stop there. They actually beat themselves up for fearing rejection. What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I be like so-and-so? Why do I fear rejection so much I must be a loser etc”

Rather than force yourself to try stop worrying about rejection, consider the very worst that could happen. “Well, if I go up to her, I might be rejected. I would be so embarrassed I would have to get out of here. Then I would go home and pour myself a really strong drink, no make it two, may be three. I don’t think I’ll be able to forget the experience and every time I think about it I’d have to drink myself silly just to numb the pain. Pretty soon I’d be a bum on skid row. I’d be so ashamed I’d have to move to another city, where I wouldn’t have …” keep going until you see the absurdity of your predictions.

After you stop chuckling, ask yourself, “Can I live with that?”

What is extraordinary about this way of approaching rejection is that it is so pragmatic in that it has the effect of freeing the mind from its usual habits of thinking. And rather than trying to run away from rejection, it becomes much more easier to walk right into it, and face it.

About the Author: Christine Akiteng, *** Confidence/Dating Coach and author of ebook: The Art Of Seducing Out Of Fullness™ is internationally renowned for her UNIQUE and genuinely insightful outlook to what love is really about, what is there to learn about who we really are and what we can expect from our *** relations. Her very powerful and practical “Fullness Approach™" to dating and relationships and strong emphasis on “you don't need to attract many men/Women, just the RIGHT ONE" has helped many single men and women develop greater capacity to attract the RIGHT man or woman and create fulfilling relationships. . .

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She Left You And Now Your Sexual Confidence Is Also Gone
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