The Revelation Chapter 11 Two Witnesess Communicate over a Prophetic Word Part 1

Matthew Robert Payne

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Dear Darlene

There is nothing like standing on the Word of God. Without some scriptures and some songs I have heard I would not be living. In fact three times I have been to the point of suicide and I have suffered so much. It was roughly thirteen years ago I got involved with this evil psychologist housemate who asked me one day, “Are you a Manic Depressive?"

I had never heard of the term so she took me for a blood test, for apparently most of us have the same blood type. When she got the results I believe she worked in collusion with my ex-wife to have me have my first breakdown. There as witchcraft involved and some freaky stuff and she went and did all the things that she should not do to a Manic Depressive.

One time she opened the Bible and turned to Revelation chapter 11 and had me read it and then explained what it meant. Then she turned to me and said, “We are the two witnesses. " Well so much attack was happening to me that I grabbed hold of it so strong that my spirit has never allowed me to let it go. Within a week she told me she is not the other witness and yet she knew and Satan knew that I was off on my first vision of grandeur and within two weeks of her telling me I was telling a doctor who I was and I was committed for 10 days in a hospital and only got out as I threatened a malpractice suit for not treating my asthma, inner ear infection and sinusitis conditions in those ten days. I later read in the Bible in Revelation that Satan was going to test people in one of the seven churches for ten days in prison and felt that I had qualified behind locked doors for ten days in a psychiatric hospital.

LOL (ie. Lots of laughs)

My second admission about six years later lasted for Ten weeks. Once gain a ten LOL

Back in 1985 I felt that Christ would be very close to coming back in 2000 and in 2000 I found a man that fell forward when he was prayed for ( a sign I heard of a prophet) and I convinced Tama to become the second witness and we went off to the town in Australia with the temple in it and for six months tried to prophesy to the churches and be the two witnesses. We were arrested a few times in the process. I was charged with disturbing the peace. LOL

This year TAMA said that he had a dream and he saw me in Sydney with a women and he said that when he sees me with that women then he would know that I had met the second witness. Within a week I saw him again and he said that he had, had another dream where I was walking down the main street in Sydney and everyone was staring at me some in horror some with keen interest. I asked him why this was so, and he said, “Because your face was shining like the sun. "

Both of his dreams were prophetic and I have had had four occasions already in my life when I had a powerful anointing. One day everyone in the city of Brisbane was staring at me. Some looked straight away from me and others just looked with keen interest. It was so strange being looked at by very person that I went to a public bathroom and tried to see what they were looking at. I couldn’t see anything. But later that night a street kid with a skateboard asked me what it was. I asked him what. He said, “Your face is shining like a torch is under your skin. "

So when TAMA mentioned what he did I knew he was talking about the same anointing. You would never have a problem drawing a crowd to listen to you when you glowed with this anointing and this is our future. With that said, these words that you brought me from the Father have been very important to me over the last two weeks so I want to give you some commentary on what me and the Father discussed about it last night.

The prophetic words in bold, my comments in ordinary type.

Have faith and do not lose heart.

It’s been a living hell this mental illness I have got. So many times I have wanted to give up and lose heart in life but three times Jesus has told me that I had a purpose that I had to stay for. It’s fifty times more difficult to come to grips with the fact that I am one of the two witnesses.

Only Tama knows that I am and he is drunk most of the time and needs serious help and love and I don’t mix with him. Outside of you there is no one in the world that believes I am one of the two witnesses and I am a no one in the world’s eyes.

But God says clearly here. Have faith!

Faith is knowing this is Him speaking in this prophetic word and standing on this Word has given me much courage in recent weeks not to lose heart.

You have a steep climb ahead of you but I am bringing everything into place

Trying to get your head around being one of the most important people on the face of the earth today might be alright for Billy Graham or Benny Hinn, but I am a no one who has only preached three times and done three other talks on mental illness. I know I have a gift for speaking as each of the six ended in a standing ovation, and I fell in love with preaching but to be one of the last Two prophets, the whole chapter 11 of Revelation is GOING to be a steep climb. Have I got a message for the world? Have I got something different from the much they are served up by the modern church, and will the modern church really come to see how short they fall?

But the line comes with a promise, “But I am bringing everything into place. "

What a comfort it is that He really is bringing everything into place. My old prophetic website was getting about five prophecy requests a week. I was simply forwarding them to another prophet as I had burned myself out. But I used to always open them and read them. Then one day you wrote to me for a prophetic word and Jesus told me to respond to you. I told you that the reason you had so much stress was that you were one of the two witnesses. Then three hours later after church I sent an email saying I had not tested the spirits and that was a lying spirit and not to let it get you in a mess. To which you wrote back and said there was only one other person that knew you were and he was a stranger that came up to you one day and gave you money and said. “Two witnesses. "

I was only having 250 people come to that website a month and out of all the billions of people in the world, out of the one in fifty prophecies I was doing myself, I met you and you really were the second witness.

Only God could have brought that into place!

I wrote a prophecy over the USA that I have put on this Ezine site this week in a four part series and roughly 1500 people clicked on it in 14 months since its been on the other site. I am not sure how many the 30 pages or so read. I had three responses to that in a year from all those people. Two said it was spot on and one rebuked me. All I could figure out was that I must have upset a lot of people and they did not have the courage to write to me.

But yesterday Jesus showed me that it was when you read that prophetic word that was when you were certain you had met the second witness. I smiled when he told me that, for it was worth the fifteen hours or so it took to type it. I want the whole world to see that prophecy, but how do you tell the whole world about that when you are broke? LOL

I don’t have to worry about that as God is bringing everything into place!

Expect rejection and be prepared in your heart to be rejected on all sides.

I thought that when I finally made it to the top of the heap that everyone would love me and the rejection that I have suffered all my life would stop. But God is showing me that all the way I am to be prepared to be rejected. I have to get tougher in my heart and bolder and stronger. I am going to basically be an Old Testament prophet in the New Testament times.

This part of the word makes me really sad. I am sick of being rejected and it really hurts. It hurts so much. And yet I have to go forward with a message that is going to cause more and more rejection, indeed on ALL sides. The people I want to reach will reject me and the church will reject me and to top it all of at the end of it I’ll be shot and the whole world will have another Christmas times and give each other gifts because we are dead. No one seems to see this in the Bible at Christmas. People didn’t start giving gifts because of the gift Jesus was, they really give gifts because he was killed.

This word is hard to cop. But I have a couple of friends that I think will stick with me all the way. All I know is when people get me angry often Matthew disappears and the Lion of Judah starts shouting out of my mouth. People don’t seem to see prophets as angry prophets anymore.

I am eternal one and my perspective is an eternal one.

This is a powerful statement. I know one day when I was thinking I was one of the witnesses but without my second witness, God had me singing, “He’s got the whole world in his hands. "

I was singing happily about God and Jesus how they have the whole world in their hands, and it was a favorite children’s song of mine. Right in the middle of my singing Jesus whispered, “Do you know as one of the two witnesses you have the whole world in your hands. The whole world is waiting for you. "

I laughed and fought it off and when I read this line tonight I was talking to the Father about each line and he took me back to that night.

I feel the rapture is the same day we rise from the dead, and if no one knows the day nor the hour, then that day won’t even be known by us. For instance we might have a few years possible three years in ministry before the official 1260 days start. I never wanted to know the day of my death and so I asked the Lord that I might not know the start date so I would not know the end. Therefore, the only time people will know the rapture has come is when the two prophets they rejected rise from the dead.

I like the idea that a God with eternal purposes has this all planned out. I plan to have all these writings, like this letter on the Internet from today on and let the word slowly trickle out. People in a few years time when they think we are the two witnesses will be able to see I was very human and very frail back here and I really needed the eternal God in charge.

I just want to get it on. Like you I get upset when I am bored. That’s why I can’t wait till God makes a way for you to come over here as we can do some serious thinking about a website and get professionals to design a good one for us. Yet God is eternal and has the whole thing planned.

I have to confess the reason I want the 1260 days to start is that I am sick and tired of this earth and do want to live anymore and if I have to stay down here to get this job done I want to get it on right now.

But God was so wise giving you the next prophetic sentence.

One day to me is as a thousand years.

God has all the time in the world. Every one of the 144,000 people that are going to lead and run this last revival are all getting ready and some are all ready in ministry. God has been waiting 6000 years for this final finish and he has had it planned for years and years and he does not need an impatient mortal trying to hurry him up.

But I love the way he speaks with clarity quoting scripture here very obviously. I was trying to fathom how I was selected out of six billion people and God wrote to me that even my grandparents were picked for me. My grandfather was a Jew.

I will cause everything to line up and align up with my eternal purposes.

If I look at my job on earth in light of this statement all my worry should flee. If everything will line up with his purposes and my job will be made easier by helpers then he has them all out there and they will come and support me and you. It sounds like the planets coming into line, it’s such a big shift, everything is going to line up and it will be like shooting ducks it will be so easy, each day, each move and each sermon all lined up by Him and a team to support us like Benny Hinn would have. Now need to worry. I am such a worrier! LOL

Even Moses needed a companion to go with him to face Pharaoh and all in Egypt.

Taking on a president like George W Bush would take a bit of courage. He is going to be out of politics in two years I think so I think that the Beast will be the next president whoever he is. Who ever he is he’ll have to be pretty wicked to be worse then George, but I would really enjoy turning the oceans around the USA into blood if he did not do what God said to do.

The anointing is always stronger when you go two by two and Revelation 11 was always written with both of us in mind. I like the genius stroke that I get to take the wife of another man around the world with me and he wants to come also on one big holiday.

I need the right food and the right exercise to get my weight down and in the first few years it will be great to have a woman to help me do that right. I lost that in my wife. Of course the world will call you the great Jezabel especially when they see you given power and me even doing what you say LOL

But at least we won’t be having a golden calf and a big party and an orgy like Aaron did either!

And Moses was the most anointed man on the face of the earth.

This has big implications that I would be the modern Moses. I always saw the two witnesses as figures like Elijah and Moses. I always felt like the Moses of the two and the LORD knew this as he had me type this.

I have met Moses in a vision and He looks over my life on earth as part of the great cloud of witnesses.

He is the only man who actually saw My Glory in its fullness.

This touched my heart. I was taken to heaven once and met the Father and he was a big ball of light, so huge and so powerful. I tell that story in the article the modern prodigal goes to heaven.

Meeting God was awesome.

God showed me all the starry host just outside the throneroom and he told me if he could control all that, why don’t I just trust that he can control my life. That statement off the Father gave me so much faith and taught me to walk in the Spirit with a lot of confidence.

And Moses needed a companion to walk with him

As I will need you my love.

And he needed advisors to guide and help him as you do.

These would have to be good. And I know they will be hand picked by Him and I imagine he will bring them in first. There seem two types of people that write to me. People that want to say my articles really helped them and people that want to suck my blood. I look forward to people who would like to help me and be a friend.

I imagine these advisors would all come with us around the world and be friends. At least I won’t be rejected by everyone. LOL

There are many things I don’t know, like what the Bible means in many places. There are many jobs to do in a major prophetic work.

Do not try to shoulder this burden

I agree LORD it spins me out, it’s just too big for the mortal mind to get on board even if I am ill.

This is good advice. So what do I do instead, the LORD is next to say that.

Your Job is to build yourself up spiritually.

I am finding writing the articles for the Ezine site is keeping me in the Word and building me up spiritually as is doing prayer and prophecy keeping my gifts sharp. Satan likes getting me ill to miss church, but I see attending church each week keeps me up and in good spirits. I love just crying to my Lord at the alter and dancing each week and sharing what is on my heart on the microphone.

I know God is saying it is my Job to build myself up. I neglect my spirit sometimes.

While I do my job of bringing all the pieces together.

This is a comfort that you God are going to bring all the workers together, and bring people like Darlene into my life. People that will revere her and hold her in deep respect as I do.

I like to be in control and it is so encouraging that all I have to do is do what I am told each day as it is the LORD’S job to bring everything together. The LORD comforts my heart here. These words bring me much comfort Darlene.

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Jesus had said and done many things before Peter said openly that he was the Messiah and Son of God. It is my aim as one of the two witnesses to slowly let the world know who I am before the day I am in full power. I have no fear of my safety as I will accomplish my mission, but if any one of you readers feels in your spirit that I am who I say I am, I would encourage you to get in touch.

If you want a copy of his upcoming book of articles which will have the first sixty of the articles on this web-site called “The Musings of a Mad Prophet" please contact Matthew via email so he can contact you around February 2007 to tell you of the progress of the book.


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