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If you have started the New Year with a desire to find new love them maybe you have decided to give online dating a try? If you have glanced through some of the online dating sites then you'll know by now that there are an awful lot of people out there so you've probably decided to do what most of us do and look at the photos first! In this article we discuss how to interpret those online dating photos and maybe give you some hints about what you should consider about you own one too!

What no picture? If a profile doesn't have a picture then it could mean that the person is just shy but in reality this isn't that likely as everyone knows that you significantly increase your chances of success if you add a photo to your dating profile. If it's a guy then chances are that he doesn't want to be recognised, this could be because he's embarrassed but it could also be because he's married, so it's worth being a little wary. If it's a girl then she could also be married but it's also quite likely that she doesn't like the way she looks. Women tend to be much more self conscious than men so bear this in mind, however if her description says she's great looking then that is a contradiction too far in my opinion.

Out of focus / fuzzy shots; there really is no excuse for this! Either they are too lazy to get a decent picture taken, which in these days of digital cameras is hardly difficult, or they almost certainly have something to hide. Either way, lazy or secretive, they are probably not worth the effort unless you check them out very carefully.

Photos with people cut out; this is a sure sign that there was a partner in the shot. It's highly likely that the partner is now an ex as only a fool would take a picture of themselves with their partner, cut them out and put it on a dating site! However, as above, this is incredibly lazy and may be something you want to check out further.

Group shot photos; can you tell which one is the person in the profile? This is not only lazy; it's inconsiderate to the mates in the photo who may not want their picture on a dating site. As a secondary photo a group shot can be ok, especially if it ties up with an interest in their written profile, but not as the main photo.

Bare chests or glamour type shots; this person is only interested in one thing and it's probably themselves unless you are on an adult dating site!

Inconsistent images; if there is more than one photo and the person looks different in each of them then beware; they are probably not that up to date. Hair does not grow and change into five different styles over a few months. Sure she could have had her hair cut recently but either she liked it, in which case all her photos would be of the new hair style, or she hates it, in which case they'll all be of the old one.

Body Language; an open posture and a smiling face are the most attractive features any of us have and they will jump out in a crowd of dating profile photos. If someone has their arms crossed or are scowling then they are probably nervous, uncomfortable or cross.

What is in the background? You can sometimes read a lot into someone's lifestyle and age from the background of the shot or the clothes they wear. Don't take these too literally as some people are pretty clued up about profile photos and may have spent hours selecting the perfect clothes and backdrop, but then that in itself tells you that either they care.

By far the best dating profiles include the following photos; one clear head and shoulders shot where they are smiling, or at least look happy and relaxed. One full length shot and maybe one action or interest orientated shot (this is me on holiday in Venice for example will tell you a lot about the person).

Finally, remember to read the profile in light of the picture and vice versa. If someone says they look awful in pictures then they probably do and will be even better in real life. If they clearly state their age but the photo looks younger then it is probably recent and they look good for their age! If they state their age and the look ten years older then they either are lying or really do look bad. And do remember to check out the clothes, you can often judge someone's age roughly by the clothes they wear – take a look at your friends and work colleagues and you'll probably be able to see what I mean!

Cheryl Ashbrook is a marketing expert and author for the online dating advice website . Visit us if you would like help with your dating photo or get help writing your dating profile using the unique step by step online dating profile building tool , MaxMyProfile.


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