Population And Its Control


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Procreation and the subsequent increase in population are the parts of our life. The way of life that we lead causes changes in our environment but the responsibility of man becomes more pointed when he has to deal with many people- namely his environment. A married man in a society relatively has more social compulsion than an unmarried man as a breadwinner.

Population control is a means of improving living standards. This last part of our discussion is true to most part of it. Simple arithmetic knowledge bestows us the awareness that when the denominator becomes high, the quotient becomes small. To get higher yield of results- the quotient- naturally one must try to reduce the divisor. Hence population control is the best means to get more improvements in our life standards. No doubt. Wealth, energy and other resources are to be shared among all in such a way that nobody is hindered access to the basic needs. The methods used by nations to control population differ from one another.

However involvement of U. S.in this task of depopulation is much. Educating the mass about the effect of exploding population on their living standards works in an abysmally slow pace especially in under developed countries. Issue of contraceptives works better towards the goal of minimising the population.

However methods used by China had been under debate and considered genocidal. The right to decide their own kids were snatched from womenfolk. Coercive sterilisation on women had been a way to control birth rate in many developing countries. This is a bit gruesome on the part of masculine attitude in policy making and decision making. Can a woman give birth to a child without a man? Since our discussion need not be veered to advocate feminism, we come again to the developmental efforts towards population control.

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