Nearly One Million Homes in California to be Powered by Wind


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Earlier this year, Texas passed California as the top producer of wind power in the country. California appears poised to take back the title with a huge new project.

As society begins to get nervous about energy issues and global warming, there has been much discussion about converting to renewable energy. From solar to wind power, much of the debate has seemed to be so much hot air. Certain countries and states, however, have moved beyond talking and have started taking action on the energy issue.

California is the fifth or sixth biggest economy in the world depending on which data you look at. It also happens to be a state that has taken the renewable energy baton and run with it. In 2006, it passed a ground breaking 2 billion dollar package devoted to developing and motivating people to switch to solar power. That is a big number no matter how you cut it.

Recently, California has also been revisiting its wind power platforms. Specifically, it has been looking to expand them. Now, a new wind farm is planned for Tehachapi, California. Tehachapi is a located in a remote area of Kern County with steady wind currents. The wind farm will be spread over a 50 square mile area, twice as large as any other in the country. Power production is expected to be in the 2,300 megawatt range, the equivalent of powering nearly one million homes in California.

Edison Gas and Electric, a major California utility company, has already agreed to buy the power. Currently, renewable energy makes up 17 percent of the total energy supplied by Edison and its subsidiaries in the state. California has set a goal of a minimum of 20 percent for all utility companies to meet by 2010. Tehachapi wind farm goes a long way towards that goal.

The decision of a major energy company like Edison to enter into a huge wind power deal is encouraging to many. Discussions of renewable energy and ending our oil addiction are interesting, but action is the key. When a large company like this gets on board with a renewable energy project, one can start to be optimistic that we are beginning to turn the corner.

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