Should Athletes be Allowed Limited Access to Steriods

Alastair Harris

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We all know that steroid abuse unfortunately exists in sport. The aim of these athletes is to cheat and gain an unfair advantage over their fellow athletes. The long term use and over use of these steroids results in liver and other organ damage and can mean the cheating athlete will destroy their long term health and even can result in premature death.

steroids exist in the medical world as helpful option to repair damage cause by injuries (there are many different types of steroids and some are used to treat diseases and medical conditions like asthma, inflammation, and the like). While the average citizen such and you and I have this option in treating serious injuries elite athletes are banned. However short term steroid use administered by a doctor for the sole purpose of repairing muscle damage and injury and not for performance enhancement would lengthen the sporting lives of many athletes especially in team sports. Whereas in our occupations or businesses we have numerous years to work at a career most athletes have only about ten years to earn top dollar before being thrown aside.

A recent example was Shane Warne in the sport of cricket. Whilst never found guilty taking steroids he was banned from his sport for a year for having taken a masking agent. It was well known that Shane Warne had a shoulder injury and after his year off he came back with a return to his previous good form and his shoulder complaint being less of a problem. I let your form your own conclusion, maybe the break did him good. But wouldn't it made more sense for an athlete be able to declare to their sporting body that they had a career threatening injury that expert medical advice said only a course of steroid treatment would fix. The sporting body could then have their own doctors administer the treatment and impose a ban during treatment a three month to six month ban after treatment to ensure that the treatment was from only REPAIRING muscle treatment - not to be a short cut to improving performance. This would be a more sensible approach. It would have to be strictly monitored and I would think only be an option allow once at most twice in an athletes career, but it would certainly be better than the current cloak and dagger approach.

steroids aren't a magic drug and won't fix all problems. I myself had an injury treated with six months of steroid injections by a specialist doctor and they did nothing to help, with surgery being the only answer to my injury. but they are an option open to doctors to consider.

This article IS NOT approving drug use outside MEDICAL TREATMENT by a QUALIFIED DOCTOR. Rather its arguing for sporting bodies to allow their athletes to be more open regarding treatment of serious injuries and being more realistic.

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