Who Said Fear Not?


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Fear not’ has several implications one of which is that you should not carry a A burden that is not yours. This also means that you should not waste the precious time or moments you could have enjoyed on unnecessary fears. As long as God is on your side, no matter the challenge confronting you, fear not because that situation will end with a testimony. Who said you should fear not? It is Jesus.

The gravity of a statement depends on the one who made it. The One who said you should fear not is called the Truth according to John 14:6. He can never lie.

Also He is the Creator of all things according to John 1:1-3. He has your spare parts and can replace any defective part at any time. Similarly, He is the Almighty, the All -Sufficient One, according to Genesis 17:1. He is the Prince of Peace who can bring calm to any storm into a calm according to Isaiah 9:6. The One who said ‘fear not’ is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the One who was, who is and who is to come. He is the One who can turn any situation in your past, present and future in your favour.

He is the controller of tomorrow.

The One who said you should not fear is the Resurrection and the Life, the One who swallowed up death in victory (John 11:25). To raise the dead, all He needs say is: “Little girl, I say unto you, Arise. " Or, ‘Young man, I say unto you arise', or ‘Lazarus, come forth!’ He is so powerful and death is so insignificant to Him that to raise the dead, He does not even mention the name of death. He simply asked the person in death trap to rise and that was it.

If such a One should tell you, ‘fear not’ then you have nothing to fear. Today, the Lord is saying to someone using this Devotional: “fear not. " Fear not the things you will go through for my name sake: I will see you through. Fear not those persecuting you: They cannot stop you from emerging tops.

Fear not for what you will eat or drink: He that feedeth the birds of the air and animals in the forest will feed you. Fear not to take another step after failing several times: You will make it. Fear not how God will bring His promises to pass in your life.

Just do your part and remain faithful to God and He will do His part. God is saying to you today, ‘fear not. '

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Fear No Evil - How To Avoid Worry And Fear
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