A Message To 40 Year Old Virgins Out There


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Don't take all of the pressure on yourself if you've wanted to be in physical relationships but haven't been for many years.

How can you be the sole ‘cause’ of female behaviorism and it's effect when they don't even know you? There a LOT more going on than you thought and it's outside of yourself.

Though it's up to you to be accountable. .

There's a larger reason than just yourself as to why things ended up the way they did. It starts with a great ‘cause’ and ‘why’ that is much greater than your daily routine.

Believe it or not, there is reasoning within all of this if you are a decent looking guy who has at least average attributes.

Our grandparents did not have a problem. Both men and women have changed as the part of a great socio-cultural change. Women have changed even more than the men have.

You have been a part of a great causal reality that has created a massive behavioral effect on men and women.

Your cognition of this reality will not only help to liberate your mind and take a lot of the anxiety away, it's the main reason why you haven't been successful with women in the first place.

Sure it's easy for people to point fingers at you and for you to blame yourself. The social anxiety helps to isolate you more and you've probably built up a great fantasy world as an outlet for that negative *** transmutation.

I'm here to say relax. Once you can get an idea of ‘why’ you will understand that the behavior was not just on your own fault but also with women and you were both a part of this unnatural influence.

Once you can see that the matrix of social influence is just a consciously derived and unnatural program meant to exploit, manipulate, control and profit you'll begin to see.

Once you are aware that architects influenced the behavior of women to act unnatural and for men to build up the fantasy of exploited sexuality, you'll begin to see.

Once they could get sexploitation to a level of social desirability where more of the mainstream women could adapt to it they could profit immensely more in multiple industries.

Once you can fully realize that it's not your fault for the Architects and executives wanting to exploit and profit off of you and these women instead of it just being your own ‘inner game', you'll start to see.

Once you can realize you can improve your ‘inner game’ all you want and still be ignorant to the relational truth that has veiled over you your whole life, you'll begin to see. You'll begin to be set free.

Once you can realize that what is accepted on a mass scale is the reason for relationship isolation and divergent fantasy worlds instead of healthier relationships, you'll begin to see. There are more singles now than ever and that's just the beginning.

Women are repressed. Men are repressed. Women live conflicting lives of living up to these superficial social expectations that has become their reality and yet living in conflict with their completely repressed natural, feminine character.

The fantasy reality that seems so visceral is really just a visage. It's unnatural and it's fleeting. It is not even the true *** nature of a woman and it's not what she responds to.

If it's your goal to ‘get laid', think beyond that. Think about becoming a stronger man who has and keeps relational power around the women you want. Then make some connections and it will happen.

The art of seduction itself is simply bringing out a woman's natural character. It's not dealing with her social character and struggling in a power game.

You have been conditioned and repressed for so long that there may seem like there is no more hope. There is always hope. Beautiful women are often in psychological torment because of this conflicting reality and they're just as lonely as you.

It doesn't matter your looks; what matters is how a woman feels around your character because she is truly the response in mating because she is the internal reproducer, she has to be more selective.

Do not think you're beyond the point of no return. I know a 51 year old virgin from my hometown who is a good-looking, debt-free guy with 2 Harley-Davidson's. He is frustrated also but he does have to high of expectations.

He's built up the fantasy too much to almost ever face reality and start something real or commit to it. Don't get into that trap.

To change you will have to get rid of the disempowering social conditioning and garbage that has cluttered your mind and held you back from the power you never knew you had.

This is more than a quick fix and it's only for men who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. It's never too late to start from where you're at.

When you have the power and ability to ‘be’ what women want and can attract and deal with them, your life will change furthermore.

Study Alpha Relational Dynamics if you want a true change without the hype but with real physiological change and results. It's more powerful than pheromones but you have to be ready for change.

I can help you leverage truth that extends well beyond your limited and psychologically damaged ‘inner game’ when it comes to self-esteem and dating.

The most powerful man in the world's own ‘inner game’ is limited in comparison to his natural character and a woman's social character.

It's time to yield some leverage and actualize your natural character of becoming and being an Alpha male. At that point and on the way, ‘getting laid’ will be a part of your reality.

Rion Williams is one of the foremost experts in dating advice, personal power and relational dynamics. He is well-known within the seduction community itself.

His work focuses on the regaining and improving of real character within frustrated men who do don't want to ‘act', use pick-up lines or techniques to get women.

He teaches modern men how to truly be natural and comfortable in their own skin to consistently succeed with women, attraction and dating. You can sign up for his free eZines and find out more information at http://www.relationaldynamics.org

He also has a free podcast at http://www.lifestyledatingradio.com


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