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The start of February signals the proximity of every attached woman’s favorite holiday – Valentine’s Day. However, it should also cue men to begin making their ever important Valentine’s Day preparations. If you have not started making plans, now is the time.

Valentine’s Day is not a time for spontaneity, but for careful planning. In fact, a well-planned, romantic Valentine’s Day can boost a relationship in many different areas including the health and happiness of both involved.

A well planned Valentine’s Day tells your woman she is special to you, that she is worth your time and effort. The bottom line is that is the message you need to send.

Stopping by the store for a card and pre-packaged flowers on February 13 does not count as pre-planning. It sends the wrong message to your Valentine and fails to show her she is special. Women can always tell.

Men need to write themselves a note to remind them to make necessary arrangements – including dinner reservations, flower orders, and babysitters. Taking responsibility for all plans shows your woman she is worth the extra time and effort, and this will pay off later.

Romance takes effort. Going the extra mile to make her smile or bring a tear to her eye is necessary to show how much you love her and how special she is to you. For instance, instead of the last minute store bought card, make her one yourself and put it under her pillow, or make a CD of love songs special to your relationship and listen to it while you look through your wedding album or during a candlelit breakfast.

Remember that the little things really count in showing love. Just by making your first words of the day to her “Happy Valentine’s Day", she will know that she is the first thing on your mind.

So how do you know that you have gone far enough in your effort? When you do something so out of the ordinary that you surprise even yourself.

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