Will You Loan Me your Gun?


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"Guns don't kill, people do" say the gun control adherents. But if you look carefully, it is the same kind of empty phrase that says: “Cars don't kill, people who drive them do", “Planes don't kill, it is the fuel pump that blows up in the air or the suitcase full of denadrine 6 or gomma -2 that does it, “Food doesn't kill, unless it is poisoned", “Fire doesn't kill, unless your house burns down and you are in it", "Exercise don't kill you unless you run into a truck" and so on with ridiculous analogies and phrases that mean absolutely nothing.

The association's offices are sumptuous. Almost every office has an imposing view of the skyline, the distant mountains in the background or, if located on this side of the building, the view is breathtaking with the lake, the charming villas on the shores and the sailboats lazily coming and going. I observed all this with some apprehension. It had taken me three weeks of one sided pleas with the voice mail system to obtain the interview with the Top Gun, never better said.

"Sir, do you really believe that guns don't kill people?"

"Absolutely. The people killed in this country by firearms are only a small percentage. The people who commit those crimes would commit them anyway. With axes, bricks or knitting needles. Don't tell me you want to ban the knitting nedles. . “

"I don't want to ban anything. I am an impartial reporter, mind you. "

"Allright, then what is this bullshit about us being responsible for the deaths reported in our cities?"

"For one thing, one of the arguments seems to be based on some reasonable assumptions. If you have a violent situation developing, it is true that anything serves as an offensive weapon. But by the same token, eliminating the most deadly of all of them, will tend to reduce the chances of inmediate death"

"Hah!" There was sarcasm and a touch of irritation in his voice. “Listen, choir boy, there are more people killed in car accidents than killed by firearms. So, according to the tenets of that group of dodoes promoting the ban of firearms, if you ban cars, you will eliminate car deaths. Well, let me tell you, the reasoning is absurd. " His reasoning was sound. In a moment of rage, people tend to use any handy object to do harm. “But do you not agree with me that not having a gun handy will reduce crimes committed with firearms?"

"Of course, you bullet head! But it will increase those crimes committed with knives, poison, scissors, toothpicks, talcum, television antennas and toilet paper. So, you are gonna ban all of them?"

I had to admit that his reasoning stretched the bounds of rational dialogue but was not totally unsound. In a moment of rage, people tend to use any handy object to do harm. So, what is the answer? He calmed down and said:

“As long as our culture accepts, condones and rewards violence in its many forms, people’s behavior acquire a justification for aggression. That, you can not control, besides, human nature has been flawed since day one and no one can change it. ”

He paused and got up. He grabbed an autographed baseball bat leaning behind his desk and said:

“Pencil boy, don’t you wish you had a gun right now?”

That is when we swung the bat!

International executive, former columnist, golfer and does not own a gun. Yet.


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