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It seems like when you're down and out, it's really hard to get back on top. This is especially true if you goofed up doing something involving deception or stealing. I have an observation on stuff like this. Let's get started.

Life is like a see-saw. This was a playground standard from the last century. The see-saw was a board affixed someway to a center rail or post that can swivel like a scale. Children sat opposed at either end and push each other toward and away from the center of the Earth repeatedly. It was a lot of fun in the old days when most children played outside. You can check out this childhood playground hardware somewhere else on the web.

Think of a see-saw as having good sitting on one end and bad sitting on the other. In normal times, the see-saw is balanced, perpendicular to the ground. But when a screw-up occurs, the bad side slams to the earth.

No problem? Well, yes there is. Unlike that see-saw in the school yard, you hypothetical see-saw board is not affixed to the center post. The down-like motion actually moves the board a little bit away from the good side. The length of the bad side to the post is longer than the length of the good side to the center post.

Whatever they call it, the Law of Physics, etc. In short-It's going to take a lot more good weight to balance the scale than bad weight, if you know what I mean!

That's why it's so darn hard to get back on top after you're down. Teen-ages take note; I've been there, done that! Sometimes, you have to work twice as hard to get your life on even keel than before.

However, with perseverance, sincerity, integrity and honesty, that darn See-Saw of Life can be made to balance perfectly again.

In my opinion, I believe the See-Saw of Life works for everyone regardless of station.

Stay true to yourself and be victorious over the pitfalls that come along.

Gene Smith is a writer from West Virginia. He has been “two times up, three times down and all around". He is author of Orphans of the Wind and Call of the Defiled. He has written numerous songs. Operates his own recording studio near Charles Town.


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