Why You Should Avoid Using Chat Up Lines


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Warning: These chat up lines will almost never work and will most probably earn you a whack on the face. Whatever happens, don't use them. They are for reference purposes only. Make a note of the type of approach that doesn't work and then avoid it like the plague.

1) You MUST have a nice personality.

2) Hey c'mon now, I'm ugly, you're ugly, it's perfect.

3) You have the face of a saint – A Saint Bernard.

4) If I jumped on your back, would you beat me off?

5) You look just like my mother.

6) Oh, C'mon! Lower you're standards a little. I did. . .

7) For a fat chick, you sure have small tits.

8) I've had quite a bit to drink, and you're beginning to look pretty good.

9) I may not be the best looking guy here, but I'm the only one talking to you.

10) I had sex with someone last night. Was that you?

Ouch! The side of your face would be blistered by the time you got through that collection of pick up lines.

Right, let's take a look at why chat up lines don't work (as if it isn't obvious).

Number One: Chat Up Lines Are Overused And Cheesy

Chat up lines are so overused that it has reached the stage where women are almost genetically programmed to resist them.

The moment you say anything that sounds remotely like a chat up line she'll have you marked down as a loser, and you're chances of getting to know her better are destroyed.

So what do chat up lines say about the guy who uses them. They say “Here's a truly pathetic guy. He's desperate for a woman but has next to no charm or social skills, so he has to rely upon learning a few cheesy lines and hope that he bumps into a woman how doesn't get out much. "

And it doesn't matter how original or inventive your line is, most women will have heard them hundreds of times before.

Women like men who are original, creative and spontaneous…and chat up lines are none of these things.

Number Two: What Comes Next?

Right, let's assume you don't get told to “drop dead" or receive a slapped face. What happens next?

You can’t think of anything else to say, because you’ve run out of pre-rehearsed lines. So after a few seconds of embarrassing silence, you manage to come up with,

“Oh, er, uh, do you come here often?”

With that sort of sheer magnetism the girls just won’t be able to resist will they!

How do you honestly expect to attract women with that sort of patter?

Most guys use chat up lines because they find it hard to speak to women. So on the few occasions that they get beyond the opening line their conversational inadequacies soon get found out.

And the solution?

Learn how to speak to women and then you'll never be stuck for something to say or have to remember a repertoire of sleazy pick up lines.

Number Three: Chat Up Lines Give Women All The Power

In all human relationships, there’s a subtle balance of power that’s held by the person who is least needy.

Do you want her more than she needs you? Or does she want you more than you need her?

The person who is least needy will hold all the power of attraction. They are the prize.

And when it comes to meeting a woman for the first time, if the she is seen as the prize, she holds all the power.

She’ll either brush you off, or enjoy the attention and then kick you to the kerb. But either way you’ll have to do all the running and she won’t respect you for it.


Because she won’t see you as a prize worth winning?

That means it’s your job to set the scene so that she sees you as the star prize. You’ve got to make her believe that it’s worth her time to use all her feminine charms to reel you in.

If you can do that, every woman that you meet will be strongly attracted to you. It’s the basis of being a babe magnet.

Chat lines (especially those laden with innuendo) will destroy this advantage because they set the woman up as the prize. They give the overwhelming impression that you’re pursuing her because you're desperate.

That means she holds all the power, and she certainly won’t chase after you because;

1) She won’t think you’re worth it (she doesn’t see you as the prize) and,

2) You don’t present a challenge (chat up lines scream desperation).

So if you want to become a success with the ladies, forget these pathetic chat up lines and learn how to create a magnetic personality that will draw attractive women towards you.

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