Do Women Care If Men Find Them Attractive When First Meeting

Teddy Shabba

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Oh my gosh you are so beautiful!

I just had to tell you I really like you!

Do you know what women think when they hear these and other similar comments from men?

Who the hell cares what you think about me! Is what most if not all women think.

Of course she will not tell you this to your face; in fact she might even thank you for the complement.

Realize however, in the back of her mind she has already shut you out as a potential suitor; and rightfully so when you think about it from her point of view.

In her mind she knows that her looks are only temporary, no matter how beautiful she really is.

She also knows that if a man finds her so beautiful that he just has to tell her.

He will never ever be able to connect with her emotionally or any other level besides physically.

Essentially all you are is a fan of her beauty and since her job does not pay her to be nice to her fans you are worthless to her.

Unless, of course you are willing to throw your money away on gifts and other things for her, even then you are only going to be able to attract gold diggers.

So what is a man to do when he sees a beautiful woman that he wants?

For starters you can try and make a real connection with her, by actively engaging her in conversation.

Even though women do not care how much you like them, they do care how you can make them feel.

If you cause her to feel good feelings before she can recognize your attraction for her.

What this means is when meeting her for the first time a good conversation is only the beginning of building attraction with her and telling her how you feel does nothing to help this.

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