The AntiChrist and the False Prophet as You Have Never Seen Them: Revelation 11

Matthew Robert Payne

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You’d probably have to know Jesus really well and be a little crazy to know the truth about the Anti Christ and the False Prophet.

There is going to rise to power in coming years two prophets One man is going to be very powerful and very quickly he will have the worlds attention. He will do mighty signs and wonders and bring plagues to earth like Moses did, and yet the modern church will not accept that his power will be coming from God.

He will preach a hard gospel saying there is no salvation even if you are a Spirit filled Christian unless you are obeying Jesus Christ. He will preach a doctrine that if you don’t obey God you can lose your salvation and go to hell. He will preach that you have to repent and walk humbly before the King of Kings and give up on money and mammon and the world and its riches.

To a mammon serving lukewarm western church this man will be a tyrant and his sidekick will speak to but will always be the other prophet’s helper and always directing people to the head prophet’s words.

These two prophets will fill stadiums like Benny Hinn at the beginning of their ministry and they will preach like great evangelists to the unsaved and preach repentance to the Christians. Like Benny many people will be healed and the world will sit up and take notice when every person in every stadium will be healed.

Soon people will ask for corpses of their loved ones to be brought to the stadiums and this mighty duo will call people back from the dead and people will rise out of coffins and walk among the people.

The two prophets will not be directing people to the churches on the current planet but calling shepherds to come into alignment with them and for the people in the stadiums to leave Babylon and the whore which is the lukewarm church and join the last day’s church they are raising up.

They will promote selling all you have and giving it to the ministry and promote people going into rental accommodation and the two prophets and followers will have all the hallmarks of a cult.

They will me 80% made up of people that are new Christians and be giving new Christians awesome power and authority and the house churches that are raised up in those days will be powerful and the church will be back to Acts under the two prophets leadership.

They will have scathing rebukes of the modern church and fire will come out of their mouths and at the right time they will turn the waters of the earth to blood and strike the earth with all manner of plagues. They will tell the people of the world the signs of a true Christian and expose the hypocrisy of the true church by showing that if you come to their churches there is no tithing and no passing around the plate but all giving is done in private by members and strangers never have a plate put in front of them. The anointing will be powerful in these churches of the supposed cult as every single church will have anointed healers and the non Christians of the world will be invited to come into the churches and be healed with no obligation for money.

The established church will lose true sheep and tithes and there will be a mass exodus from Egypt or Babylon to the promised land in the cult and the modern church will scream cult all through the papers and the media and warn the whole world not to follow the Beast and the False prophet and among them probably elect two leaders of government to put these two prophets to death and all their followers.

The two leaders elected one will be a government like a US president and one spiritual like a huge Pentecostal leader will show the world a better way and ask the world for allegiance to fight against this cult and these false prophets.

And in doing so the real Beast and false prophet will come to power with all the backing of the blind leaders and blind followers.

Jesus will start to make appearances in the cult church, the signs and wonders churches and the non Christians and new Christians who don’t know about that verse in the Bible will get on talkback radio and say not only were they healed but Jesus turned up.

Then the modern church who had become the enemy of the new cult will have all of their evidence and preach to the world the verse that says do not believe the prophets and the church that says Jesus is appearing all over the world. For this is a sign of a false prophet and false signs and wonders and great fear will come on all the deluded sheep still in the whore and Babylon serving church with their new government leader and false prophet and they will NOT enter the cult.

Meanwhile the cult will explode and grow and massive healings will be wrought and before the world knows it their will be 144,000 super anointed leaders in the new movement.

They will have their own brand names, their own companies and God will be blessing their business and all the new Christians won’t work for mammon but give up to 50% of their income back into the cult and the sheer money pouring in from the films, songs, business and tithing will finance the biggest revival in history.

The two prophets will be the Revelation 11 witnesses and every person that loves money more then God will hate them and every hurting broken hi ways and bi ways rejected person will love them and serve them with undying reverence.

The light and the dark will fight and money will start flowing from the blind whore and the wicked into the films and brands and companies of the righteous and then the real Beast will bring out a Mark so that the righteous guys can’t trade anymore.

Then the cult will live on supernatural provision like manna from heaven and go and live by faith and all of the rest of the world will be lining up to take the Mark to protect themselves and save the economies of the world from this cult and despot killing leaders.

Now you think that is just a story. Let me tell you it’s the only way you are going to understand the coming judgment and days ahead.

The only way into leadership in the new church will be to sell all you own and bring it to the Apostles feet and the new church will share as each has a need. The people with no possessions when they arrive as they are junkies or prostitutes will right way be healed and given a position in authority.

Simple unlearned men and women will change the world.

I am a manic depressive who for six years thought he was one of the two witnesses and as a true prophet of God with gifts I have seen and asked the Lord about a lot of this. The two prophets I feel will also have contemporary rocks stars singing from their stages and will be really popular with the common man. Jesus will rise up thousands and thousands of people in the 144,000 that have no bible college training. So as to fulfill this verse.

1 Corinthians 1:27-29 (Amplified Bible)

27[No] for God selected (deliberately chose) what in the world is foolish to put the wise to shame, and what the world calls weak to put the strong to shame.

28And God also selected (deliberately chose) what in the world is lowborn and insignificant and branded and treated with contempt, even the things that are nothing, that He might depose and bring to nothing the things that are,

29So that no mortal man should [have pretense for glorying and] boast in the presence of God. I am a fool. I know no person in the world that understands the role of the two witnesses as I explain it and I know it is going to be. At the moment this is only a story but watch and see, when you see two big evangelists healing heaps of people and rasing up a new church, pay attention to their message and seek the Holy Spirit as they might not be the false prophets people will be calling them to be.

May you be blessed

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