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That is one of the questions that I get asked constantly, my friends are always jealous of my success and they ask me how to get a women and believe it or not, it can actually become quite annoying, so, I thought the best thing to do was write up an article that would explain some of the basic technique's and just share it with the world.

This article will hopefully give you confidence and ideas about how to get a women and remember that you can always find more techniques and you should be looking for the ones that suit you best as everybody is different.

The approach - This is probably the hardest part of the process for most men, it is quite awkward trying to approach someone you have never spoken with before as you don't want to come off as being “strange" and you want to give the best possible first impression. There are three very important parts of the approach that you really should try to have, these are:

*Confidence - This is something that get's much better with practise and will show through as you approach more women.

*Eye contact - This can be mastered in a very small amount of time, just train yourself to look in to her eyes when you talk, she won't bite you :-)

*Flow - Again, this is something that get's much better with practise, you will feel much more comfortable and be able to do it easier and smoother with time.

Now, before you get worried and say that you don't have any of these things, they can ALL be worked on and perfected, all it takes is a little practice.

Honesty - Honesty is very important and will shine through in your personality always, when you talk with someone it is actually quite easy usually to tell if they are telling the truth or not. If you are honest when you talk with a women they will feel closer to you, more comfortable with you, more attracted to you and most importantly, if you wish to have any sort of relationship with a women, they will have to feel as though they can trust you, so always be honest.

State your intention - It is very easy to become part of the “friend only group" in other words, when you get to a certain stage with a women, you sort of become a friend that could never become anything more, this is obviously not what you want, so, you must state your intention early. Now, I do not mean you go in and just blurt out “I want you" or something like that, instead you should do it more subtle by naturally weaving it into the conversation, say something like “You are looking very sexy today" as this will instantly let her know that you are attracted to her.

Use kino - Kino is simply touch, it is hard to explain in an article without sounding strange but it is basically just playful touching, a great example of this would be you touch her arm when you laugh about something, I'm sure you have done this before without even realising that it is actually a very good way to make a women feel comfortable in a situation.

So, does you now have more confidence, do you now have an idea, do you now know how to get a women? Well, you should always be practising and looking for more ideas, techniques, information as this is the bare bones of it, there is so much information you can learn and master to really find out how to get a women and become a “player" as some might say, the best way to go about it is - Learn, practise, test and master - Learn the techniques, practise them, test which ones you like best and master them.

If you would like to learn more about how to get a women, just visit - and you can be on your way to amazing success with women in no time!

how to get a women

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Your Beliefs About Attracting Women Depend On The Emotional Intensity of Your ..
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