Tips for When You Need to Take a Break from Online Dating


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Online dating can be a great opportunity to get to meet people from all around the world, or even locally, that you might otherwise never encounter. Many people take their online lives and relationships very seriously and become very involved in the network they have built for themselves – complete with a personality, a set of friends and sometimes even scheduled meetings or dates. The online world can become a whole world in and of itself, but sometimes enough is enough. Knowing when to take a break from online dating is important because it allows you some times to reconnect with the reality of the offline world, with other people - to stop and smell the actual roses.

It’s a big decision, to take a break from online dating and there are some things you should keep in mind when making the move away. Here are two tips to help make the transition go a little more smoothly.

Prepare Yourself

When you need to take a break from online dating, prepare yourself to feel a genuine sense of loss. The world of the friends you’ve made can feel very real and just as if you’ve moved away from your in-person friends, you will probably feel the same sensations – loneliness, questioning the decision, wishing you had made a different decision, temped to go back.

This is why you should treat your break just like you would a break from a job or a relationship. Set some boundaries or guidelines to help put definition and clarity on the break. Write down the reasons why you are taking a break. Think about what you want it to mean. Will you cancel your online profiles? How long will the break last? Will it be a complete break from the internet and your other online friends or just from dating relationships? Write the answers and the answers to any other pertinent questions down to keep on hand for those times when you feel like taking it all back. Give yourself a break. You deserve one.

Stick with Your Decision

For whatever reason you decided to take a break – financial, emotional, time conflictions - you should stick with it. The list you made will help guide you and will remind you why you needed a break in the first place and that the end is in sight. It will be hard to stop and, just like with any other break up, you will probably have feelings of regret. This is a good time to invest in distractions. Rediscover the world around you. Take a walk. Read a good book. Go for coffee with the people in your offline life. Take on a household project. Get a pet. Do something nice for someone else. Get a hobby. Take a class. There are number of ways to fill the time that you once reserved for online dating and, even though it may not seem like it at the time, you will appreciate the gift you gave to yourself – you.

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