Why Alpha Males Enjoy Dating During the Holidays More Than Nice Guys

Teddy Shabba

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Okay, so we all realize that “nice guys" who are single before the holidays should stay single during the holidays for his own protection.

However, what “nice guys" don't realize is why and what “Alpha Males" do that allows them to not only date during the holidays but avoid all the risk as well.

Below I will go over some of the common reasons why nice guys should avoid dating during the holidays and how alpha males avoid all the nice guy traps.

Family Gatherings- Being introduced to someone's family during the holidays can be a big deal for nice guys after all you imagine the more her family likes you the better your chances with her.

Alpha Males on the other hand realize that when a woman invites you to meet her family she already likes you at least a little and the best way for you to ensure that she continues to like you is by saying “No Thanks" to her invitation.

Buying Her Gifts- During the Christmas season buying the woman you are with a gift is only the right and proper thing to do if you are a “nice guy". Alpha Males on he other hand know that it takes much more than a few weeks of good times to earn a gift from you even if Santa Claus is coming to town.

Going to Christmas and New Year's Eve Parties- Going too her companies Christmas party and any other parties she wants to go to is part of being with a woman during the Holidays for a nice guy.

Alpha Males on the other hand are too busy to go to any type of parties just because she has to go even though she might be more than welcome to come over afterwards since the game should be over by then.

In the end a man who has the ability to tell a woman “No" during the holidays has a very good chance of keeping a good woman will after the Holiday season is over even if her attraction to him at the beginning wasn't that strong.

Mainly because he exhibited “Alpha" qualities to her by saying no and making her earn his time.

Sadly “Nice Guys" truly are at risk during the holidays mainly due to their inability to say no.

In her mind he is pushover and a chump who's only demonstrated “weak" behavior since she met him and needs to be dumped since she is no longer attracted to him no matter how strong the attraction was at first.

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