A Woman's True Sexuality


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Why are romance novels so popular with women?

And why are men's magazines with women's skin so popular?

Quite a difference but look how well they sell.

Why are some women *** exploited for marketing purely to men?

Do you notice the differences here? Is building up these fantasy world on both sides of the equation doing any actual good to bring people together or is it further isolating them because of their upward spiraling expectations?

How about looking at the actual flirting and mating process. . try cross-referencing what men's magazines are promoting with how a woman actually responds and what she is going through leading to sex.

Does she really get fulfillment by being on the cover of the magazine and having men put her as the princess or is this really just a supreme social euphoria?

Is being on the cover of Maxim magazine and exploiting a woman's skin for the objectification of men (to buy the magazine and build the fantasy) really a woman's true, *** character?

No, it isn't. The whole precept of sexploitation is a socially derived CONstruct by man to exploit a woman's sexuality as the stimuli for men to be the economic response. It's to make a lot of money for a few people at the top.

And it works very well. The whole system works so well in fact, that millions of women themselves are blinded by what's going on because they just want to be like the women that are exploited since they themselves will have higher social value and attention from men.

They see the Paris Hilton's and Nicole Richie's and how they dress, talk, behave and realize that they too can have supreme social alpha status. But none of it is her true *** character. It's all just a socio-logical device.

Sexploitation is so ingratiated into our society that it's become ubiquitous.

The great dichotomy exists within women. The logic and society that they have adapted to goes against their emotions and feelings when it comes to men (actually now, bad boys are quite accepted in certain circles).

But the mainstream ‘nice guy’ who would do ‘anything’ for her and shows up with flowers and the courtship ritual doesn't reach through to the natural, intuitive and *** responsive part of her.

It may be nice logically and he would seem to fit society's mold for being a nice guy but she just doesn't have any feelings for him.

Unfortunately there seems to be a generic polarization where it's either nice guys or bad boys/jerks of men that she has to choose from.

(What happened to men of character? Well it exists in the influence of the causally rooted social matrix itself and the stimulus-response relationships it forces on men).

This obviously confuses women because their emotion, physiology and response to the bad boy cannot be explained. It doesn't make sense but she feels a deep attraction to a man that she can respond to and be captivated by but it's not what her mother told her to look for in a man.

She doesn't feel that with the nice guy and most of the men are nice guys. They try to hard, show too much interest too soon and show the wrong type of interest (literally marriage without even knowing her yet).

Millions of women have now ended up marrying these nice guys and also hold the true control and power in the family because of who they have become (empowered) and their relationship with their supportive husband.

Let's zero in on a woman's true sexuality with all of this pretext above. The way I like to clarify things is to isolate them for what they are.

Men and women have a natural, inner and social character.

The inner and social character are primarily ‘nurture’ in the nature vs. nurture debate and the natural character represents biological nature and behavior within them.

To keep things brief right here, the inner and social character are rooted in causal influence, experience and environment.

A man or woman's social character is generally how they behave around other people but also includes the exact social behavior they have been influenced from their own social culture and have adapted to.

Independent women are the Inner Alpha's and Pricktease/soft *** clones are the Social Alpha's.

The sexploitation that is going on in which a woman will adapt herself to role models like soft *** clones so that she can have the highest social status and attention. . all of this behavior itself is what I call social character.

Because social character itself is rooted in her influences and environment which is thus the social matrix (for the women we're talking about), she is simply a part of the CONstruct itself.

Any level of placing a woman as #1, a stimulus or a pricktease above man is purely the opposite of nature.

A woman's true, responsive natural character is where her sexuality and all paths to sex (and not fantasy) lie.

Knowing this reality, differentiating it and accepting it as the truth I see as the only true fix for mainstream men to overcome their fear and intimidating of powerful women (to ultimately give women what they really want; a real man).

Rion Williams is one of the foremost experts in dating advice, personal power and relational dynamics. He is well-known within the seduction community itself.

His work focuses on the regaining and improving of real character within frustrated men who do don't want to ‘act', use pick-up lines or techniques to get women.

He teaches modern men how to truly be natural and comfortable in their own skin to consistently succeed with women, attraction and dating. You can sign up for his free eZines and find out more information at www.relationaldynamics.org


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Defining Sexuality All in an Attempt to Understand Who We Are
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