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Often when we loose interest in something we start giving attention to something else. That’s what exactly happens in a relationship. Whenever you see your partner spending more time over the computer playing video games or surfing the net it means your partner is no much interested in you. You are actually being replaced by a computer. So you better do something to switch off that idiot box that is actually replacing you.

When your mate spends more time over the computer instead of you surfing or getting involved with websites then it is a clear indication that your relationship is lacing in something. You should take this indication as a warning and take steps to make improvements towards your relationship.

You have to find out the reason behind it. It could be anything you are not aware of. To find out the reason first and foremost the best way is to talk it out. To communicate to your partner is a good way out rather than making assumptions. If you assume on your own and feel maybe because of this or that he /she is not interested then you could be wrong. Talk, talk and just talk. Find out the reason for the disinterest your partner is showing towards you. When you’ll talk then maybe if not completely but partly you get to no the reason. But if you assume then you could be wrong totally. Listen with care to what your partner is talking. Hear the tone of your partner and you will clearly know what is wrong. Listen from the heart.

Once you come to know the reason, work hard to resolve it. If you get to understand that your partner is dissatisfied as you do not pay much attention to him or her then make it a point to be with your partner and give attention to the needs of your partner. It could be just because of your busy schedule that you really did not pay attention towards him. Then explain and make it a point to regularly spend time with him.

By talking you come to know about reasons you never thought off. Maybe you hurt your partner with some remark and you are unaware of it. You should communicate and encourage your partner to speak up. It is only then you will come to know about the real cause behind the disinterest shown by your partner.

You should really work hard to find the cause behind the disinterest as in the long run this disinterest increases and creates a lot of problems. It becomes a major reason for your relationship to break. Your partner not showing interest in you and spending more time on the computer is a sign of your relationship missing that interest and excitement. In the long run if this disinterest in your mate is carried consistently could create problems, as you too could feel the same. It is better to make an effort to take little steps to improve your relationship rather than face big battles in your relationship. Make it a part of your daily life to talk to your mete and find out his or her needs. You ought to be aware of what is going in your partners mind and how your partner thinks. You are supposed to keep an account of the likes and dislikes of your partner. It is only then you can maintain your relationship smoothly. It is then your partner will show interest in you and the care you show.

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