Budgeting For That Perfect Wedding


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Money, they say is the cause for marital disharmony. In fact disagreement over money starts from the moment two people become a couple. The secret to a smooth relationship and a successful wedding, among other things, is good financial management. Planning is the core to this.

Expenses at any event can spiral uncontrollably out of hand if you don’t stick to a plan. Organization is crucial especially if you wish to have a well ordered, efficiently run wedding. Budgeting doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad word. Far better this than finding yourselves in a morass of debt the moment the celebration is over.

It takes two to plan a wedding - the prospective bride and groom. Once the euphoria of the engagement is past, the realization of the enormity of the situation dawns on the couple. You need time alone to chart out wedding plans. It’s time to decide what kind of wedding you want and tailor it according to your financial situation. Each of you will be full of ideas. The best advice anyone can give you at this time is to hear each other out. After all both of you want the same thing in the end - to have a one of a kind wedding.

However, you have to be practical. Committing plans to paper is a good idea. Each item can be listed after a discussion. The transport, menu, theme and the predominant colours you’d like to use go down on the list. Besides these peripherals are the essentials like number of guests, catering, photography, the bridal gown and rings.

Next you have to take stock of your assets. These include your savings in the bank, stocks and bonds you’ve invested in, any property in your names and funds in trust, among other things. Consider saving something extra before the wedding. You may have to open an account that offers a higher rate of interest. Add to this finances offered by family members. Remember not to antagonize family and others, who have offered to chip in, by making outrageous demands. Once the atmosphere is spoilt it’ll only leave a bad taste in the mouth. You don’t want any unpleasantness associated with your wedding. Be mature, accept graciously any offer of financial assistance, however insignificant it may seem to you.

Now you have the whole picture. Go back to the list. Enter the approximate cost against each item on the list. This comes in handy when you speak to people who render wedding services. If you go overboard on one essential, make sure you cut back on something else. This is the way to balance your budget. There are websites aplenty offering to help young couples plan and execute a wedding. If you’re waiting to walk down the aisle, start looking. Good luck and may you have the perfect wedding!

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