Spicing Up Your Relationship


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Most of the time, the reason the spark has gone out is because things have become mundane or routine. The fastest way to rekindle that flame is to change things around and break that routine.

If you and your partner are accustomed to having sex at the same time of the day or at a certain day of the week, chances are that you have started to think of sex as a chore or something to schedule. Simply having sex at a different time of the day can spice things up. Changing your position can also raise your couple temperature. Purchase a book with illustrations of new ways to connect. Look at the book together and once the giggles have subsided get creative.

While you are having your spontaneous sex consider using a mirror as a prop. Position a large mirror so that you both can watch. Humans respond to what they can see and watching each other in a mirror can really heat some things up. If your shyness or vanity makes you one of the types that can’t do it with the lights on, try positioning some scented candles around the mirror. The soft glow will only add to the ambiance and heighten the passion.

Other things to try involve creativity and fun. Start your evening with an innocent board game, but change the rules. For each point earned in the game a kiss is exchanged or an article of clothing is removed. Soon the game will be long forgotten and you will be finding new ways to score. Writing each other love notes is another way to heat things up. Place the notes inside a suit pocket or briefcase. Maybe you can allude to what you will do when you see each other again. The anticipation of a romantic night alone is an amazing aphrodisiac.

Plan a romantic date for your special loved one. Remember how hot things were when you first met and try to recapture some of that energy. Sex experts also highly praise spending a night in a hotel. The change of scenery without the distractions of our daily life can relax us. If booking a hotel is out of the question try taking sex out of the bedroom. There is no reason why an exciting time can’t be had in the rest of your house.

Ron Zvagelsky has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in May 2006. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of PlanJam – where you can find romantic date ideas and dating advice .


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