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I feel like I am really alone in the wilderness, kind of like John the Baptist; but God has given me a task out here and that is to warn His People and sound the Trumpet.

We are in the final war: the war will be waged against the Church. WE are the people of the book of Revelation. When the Apostle John looked deep into the future, and looked at the people in the Book of Revelation God was showing him us. He was showing John the modern Church.

21Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorcery's, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts. Revelation 9:21

(These have spiritual applications: Fornication- is spiritual adultery

Sorcery or Witchcraft- is controlling or manipulating others

Murder also has a spiritual application

There is a two-fold message in the book of Revelation- one is God's judgment against His Church and the other is His Judgment against the world. But Judgment begins in the House of God first )

God was showing him the church of our day and the false and contaminated teachings that are being taught all across the world.

They are false because they don't come from the Heart of God and they are contaminated because they are a mixture of the truth with a mixture of “doctrines of demons" and we have been so contaminated that we are not able to tell the difference, between what is coming from the Heart of God and what is not.

So Jesus took me on a 4 year journey to many, many different churches, showing me each church and the spiritual atmosphere in each church.

And when the King speaks from His Throne, he is not always so nice and sweet and honey like. The King speaks with the Roar of a Lion. He speaks as our Commander in Chief, as the Conquering King.

He will come and make war with His Church. Then he will rapture His Bride. Then the Wrath of God will be poured out upon the world, but many people from the Church will remain after the rapture to experience the 7 bowls of God's wrath.

These will take the form of a Nuclear War that is going to start in the United States which Jesus told me is Spiritual Babylon. If you read Revelation 17 and 18- you will find a description of the modern day Charismatic, Spirit filled church which has her throne in the United States and also the Nuclear Attack that will strike Spiritual Babylon. “In one hour her judgment has come"

One of America's greatest crimes against God is abortion. God hears the agonizing screams of those babies that are ripped out of their mother's womb and He can no longer with-hold judgment.

The rapture is going to happen soon, very soon. So it is time for all of us to repent and seek first the kingdom of God above all things and cry out to Jesus: “Please make me worthy to be counted as your Bride. Please teach me what it means to be your Bride"

That is my heart cry to Him also. I am just delivering the Message to His People but that does not mean that I am exempt from applying the things I am sharing to myself.

Well once again- I think I will save these words and send them out to God's other prophets and leaders.

I had planned a different thing but I think the above is meant for all of us.

You can reach me by emailing me at . I will put you on my email list to include in my mass mail outs from week to week. I am a good friend of Matthew Robert Payne who is here also and has set up this account for me.


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How to Interpret the Bible: The Divine Throne-Chariot (or UFO's in the Bible)
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