The Quick Approach to Dating Results vs. Real Physiological Change


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Is having success with women and dating all about the ‘pick up lines’ and ‘what to say’ or ‘how to act'?

No. Because if it was, you could just say one magic word or line and it would work for any guy no matter how different they are.

It's not the words, it's about who you are and what you represent; it's about your ‘character’. It's about the value that you have to offer a woman. If you're not the best looking guy don't worry; looks aren't that important to women. It's really about how a woman feels when she's around you.

For us though, it's mostly about the looks. . admit it, we're guys and that's how nature intended it. We see beauty and we like it. But now that ‘beauty’ has a lot more conditioned meaning into it which is throwing off the relational power in the first place, thus limiting most success with all guys no matter how they approach.

When you approach a beautiful woman and you're not comfortable in your own skin, you're shifty and incongruous with your body language it doesn't matter what you say. You've already screwed it up.

I recommend to stop focusing on instant gratification ‘hype’ of the ‘words to say’ and look at a true solution instead. The good news is that once you have your inner and ‘global’ game aligned properly, then you'll be able to actually BEGIN the game itself.

Though it goes against much of what is out there, the answer is NOT in going out there and ‘approaching’ more women. Though you'll experience a small % of statistical success, that can only harm you more when you don't understand what you're going up against.

There is much more going on when you approach than your ‘inner game’ or limited personality. It's whether you know and understand the global/relational power game that is going on. Once you do, you'll be free and powerful enough to actually BE comfortable in your own skin in relation to any level of beauty or power.

Sometimes that's all it takes for these women to notice you because all of the other men just CANNOT do enough mind tricks or NLP to get themselves to be truly comfortable around her beauty. Meanwhile they're still getting excited about a new pick-up line or story to tell when they're body language has already told the wrong story.

If you don't understand the relational dynamics of the social and mating game, you could continue to improve your ‘inner game’ and get rid of self-limiting beliefs all you want but you'll still be running into walls and experiencing inconsistency around women.

The key to unleashing your true power and success with women lies in primarily two things:

1. Become a man of higher N. I. S. character (natural, inner and social). That means improve everything.


2. Understand and be congruent with the truth of relational dynamics in the first place so that you can BE independent and powerful at all times including when you're around these beautiful women

When you're powerful in relation to any woman on earth BEFORE you approach her because you know who you are and your relationship to power in the world, THEN you'll be able to always be comfortable in your own skin in relation to any woman you would approach.

Then the game begins and she'll already be much closer to interested anyways.

You won't have to waste time trying to ‘prove’ you're a man of power by cutting her down and building yourself up. . there's no need for that anymore when you ARE the man who is confident and comfortable before, during and after your communication with any woman.

Isn't it time for REAL physiological change? Real change comes from the inside and the fastest way to leverage that is to apply relational dynamics.

Instead of mastering ‘thyself', understand the power game that you have been (taught to be) ignorant to for all these years and you'll liberate yourself.

You will be more powerful and women will start responding much more often. . they will notice there is something about you.

Because if you want the most desired of women, you cannot be afraid of them or uncomfortable around them in the least.

Be the man instead of acting like it. It makes all the difference and the best way to do it is not through mastering thyself but by being cognizant of the relational reality around you.

Rion Williams is one of the foremost experts in dating advice, personal power and relational dynamics. He is well-known within the seduction community itself.

His work focuses on the regaining and improving of real character within frustrated men who do don't want to ‘act', use pick-up lines or techniques to get women.

He teaches modern men how to truly be natural and comfortable in their own skin to consistently succeed with women, attraction and dating. You can sign up for his free eZines and find out more information at

He also has a free podcast at


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