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You have done all of your major planning for your wedding but still you are worried about your wedding day. Your asking yourself will my wedding guests have fun? Will my wedding be the talk of the town? Most of all, will I enjoy myself? Well, if you are not sure then you are not the only one. This is pretty common among brides. Read on if you are one of those brides that is not sure.

The key to having an amazing wedding is to start as early as possible. When I mean early I mean at least a year or so. When you start early you can get a lot of great deals and have an amazing extravagant wedding that you have always dreamed about. Read further and I will show you how to do this.

To plan or not to plan

If you are deciding to hire a wedding planner make sure to ask for references of other weddings they have planned, ask how many events and weddings they have done and ask how long they have been planning weddings and events. Also you should go out to lunch or dinner with the planner. Going out to lunch or dinner allows you a chance to get to know them and make sure that your personalities mingle well. If you and your planner do not mesh well than you might as well forget it and go on to the next one until you find the right planner for you. Most of all when you hire the planner get everything in writing that is critical to the planning of your wedding.

Party before the party

Before you arrive at your reception make sure your guests are nice and comfortable before you arrive. Play soft mellow music in the background and have some nice little snacks for everyone to enjoy. You want to make sure that you create a hassle free environment for your guests. You should consider having a couple of extra wait staff to help your guests with their drinks. Doing this makes your guests feel like you have really went the extra mile and they will feel like a vip at a celebrity wedding. Make up your own drink and feature it at the bar. You can feature your drink at the bar with a nice picture frame and signature mat. Write in the frame what the drink means to you and your guests can sign and let you know what they thought of it.

Choosing a theme wedding

Having a theme wedding is a awesome, fun and entertaining way to be sure you and all of your guests will have a great time. When picking the theme of your wedding ask yourself who you and your future life partner really are. Are you a more conservative person or an out going humorous person? What are your interests and hobbies? Is your partner a star trek fanatic and so on. Just be sure to have fun with your theme and try really hard to be unique and all your guests will remember it for a long time to come.

Million dollar decor

The decor of your wedding can be the most fun part of your wedding. Although, there can be a lot of set backs when playing with color, flowers, candles, lighting etc. If you do not do your decor correctly than you can have a really tacky mess. That is why I suggest going through a lot of different bridal magazines and start cutting out several pictures of some of the most eye catching rooms, halls, churches and whatever and wherever you see something really nice and elegant that will fit into your wedding. Use candles but no open flames, mirrors, flowers, sea shells, elegant chair and table covers and so on. If you have some money to play around with then get you some really nice lighting and some props to go along with the theme of your wedding.

The main event, your food and drinks

The food and drink is the main event for your guests. The food and drink can make or break your wedding so do not be skimpy. Quite a bit of your budget should be spent on the food and drinks of your wedding. This is the question you need to ask yourself. What would make your guests say ahh, crackers or shrimp? If your guests stomachs get full then everyone will be happy and have a really great time. Although, if your budget is tight then hiring a caterer might not be the route you want to go. Make sure wherever you are having your wedding at ask if you can bring your own food or if you have to use there caterer. If you can bring your own food then you can play around with your budget but just make sure your presentation is up to par. When presenting your food buy some really nice fresh cut flowers, candles, expensive looking napkins and napkin holders, elegant plated dinners or a nice clean and convenient buffet style serving area. Just remember picture yourself as the guest and you will have a better idea of how you should do some things.

Assigned seating or not

If you are not choosing to have assigned seating at your wedding then you first must have a safe and secure place for all of your guests belongings. You might want to hire a security guard to stand near the belongings to make your guests feel comfortable. If you do not have assigned seating and do not have a place for your guests belongings then often your guests will become uncomfortable. Imagine if they go to the bathroom and come back and find another group of people sitting around their table. So I really suggest that you have assigned seating this makes everyone feel comfortable and at ease.

Reception entertainment

When hiring a DJ or a band get everything in writing. Ask what type of music they currently have and make sure it fits in with your wedding. Ask about references of other events and weddings they have done and follow up on those references. Also make sure they do song requests this makes your guests get engaged with your wedding and more excited that they are playing their song. Most importantly though make sure your entertainment has a back up plan just in case the unexpected happens and you no longer have any music.

Being social

Be sure you are social at your wedding a make sure everyone is having a great time. Try to visit every table and ask if everyone is enjoying themselves and tell them to help themselves with the food and drinks. Also you might want to ask your entertainment if it is alright if you make a nice toast to everyone. In your toast you should make it personal. Point out some special guests and let them know what they mean to you. Most of all in your toast you want to let everyone know that you really appreciate them, when dinner will be served and that they can make special song requests or not.

Family, friends and wedding party

Your friends and family have taken the time out for your wedding and spent money right along with you. Be sure to go the extra mile for them. You can buy all of your wedding guests nice wedding favors. Wedding favors are little keepsakes of your wedding. Wedding favors can be personalized, theme related or very useful in some cases which is really nice. They will take these favors home with them and they will always remember your wedding day and the extra expense you went through to show all of your wedding guests that you appreciate them and what they have done for you. Buying the favors for your guests will make your wedding a celebrity style wedding in a instant. For your guests that have traveled a long distance to get to your wedding make sure they are taken care of too. Take them to a nice restaurant, have them a nice hotel room booked, let them stay at your house or buy them a really nice personalized gift. Doing so will show them that you really care and they will surely tell everyone how thoughtful and kind you are.

Most of all remember this is your wedding and just enjoy yourself and try to have a great time no matter what happens.

Yolanda is the owner of Yolandas wedding favors and wedding planner. She enjoys seeing all the different table decorations and wedding party favors that go along with the reception.


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