The Beast, the Mark of the Beast, the Harlot and What You Should Do Right Now!

Matthew Robert Payne

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Do you know that if you are doing something that you know is wrong then you are sinning? Do you know that if you are not doing something that you know you should be doing is sinning?

Are you tithing 10% to your church?

If you are not you are robbing me.

It’s that simple.

If you are tithing 10% and you are giving to ministries this is a good thing. But if you are giving to ministries and this is at the expense of your tithe to your local church then you are erring. You need to withdraw your money from the ministry and tithe 10% of your money to church.

Now it does not take a genius to know that most of you are not tithing. My prophet read that only 3% ON AVERAGE OF Americans money goes to their church in tithing and that most Americans have put their money instead on TV Ministries. And so this prophetic word is addressing that.

Are you in love with the world and its goods?

This is also sin.

Try to buy a non popular brand of jeans or dress next time and get the difference in the $70 jeans and the $25 jeans and send the $45 into six Bibles into China, India or Africa. Over a hundred people in China will benefit from that gift and they will grow in the ministry and bring others to Me though that gift. If you persist to starve China of Bibles My Father will judge the West very harshly.

Now what about the Beast.

A man like unto the Beast is ruling your country. He is anti peace, anti turn the cheek and is a man of courts and injustice. He is a man with his face set on darkness and with a loyal following of rich Christians supporting him. I have no time for your leader. Send him an email with this letter in it.

What of the Harlot?

The Harlot is the church who loves money and the world. The Harlot is the lukewarm rich church that do not obey my teachings of self denial and hating the world. You cannot serve two Masters; you cannot serve the lusts of this world and the Son Of God or His Father. Big bank accounts and big flash cars should only be in the possession of people like Job in today’s society and you can read what Job was like in Job chapter 29.

What of the Mark of the Beast?

The mark is already here and the people who are going to take it have already taken it. I know the people that would deny a real mark and I know the people that will not deny Me on the day. I already have sealed My People and My Bride and narrow is the path that leads to life and FEW find it.

If you are not tithing, if you love the president, if you are not giving to the poor and you are not denying yourself and your lusts to finance the Gospel you are one that is in grave danger in the coming judgment and you will be really scared as it starts.

What of the rapture?

I am only taking the wise virgins, the people on the hi ways and the bi ways, the prodigal sons, the people that sold all their pearls for me, the people that gave up all their riches for my treasure, the people that would search the whole day for Me the lost coin, the people who are sinners who repent in tears and don’t think they are righteous like the Pharisee. I am only taking the contrite and the pure and the people set apart for Me that obey my commands and My teachings and are not following the watered down teachings of the Harlot. I am taking people unspotted from the world and its lusts, the poor and the hungry. I am taking those who have shared with the poor and fed the hurting and stitched up the brokenhearted and had the sick and poor around to dinner at their house. I am taking those home with Me who are doing the best to follow me and who feel out of place in church and who are really looking for the truth and can’t find it in a church. I am taking only these people with Me and I am not going to do it before the world is frozen in fear of My Father.

Are you listening?

Repent, tithe and give to the poor. Then read my Gospels find out the fifty things I said you should do and not do and start with my Spirits power to do them. See John 14:21.

And He that is afraid of My words and denies Me before Men I will deny before the Father.

So in light of this verse, pass this warning on via email to all the people you know. Just in case it really in Me, Jesus Christ speaking!

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