Social Renewal Through Online Dating Service

Nathalie Fiset

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If there were one modern invention that has opened the door to limitless possibilities, it would be the Internet. Since its invention in 1989, the Internet has never ceased to provide opportunities for people to discover and rediscover so many things. Aside from paving the way to easy access to almost any information, the Internet has become an avenue to connect people in different parts of the globe.


One of the most popular means of connecting people through Internet is online dating service. Online dating—far from the common conception of being a desperate act of those people who are quite eager to form romantic relationships—is actually an excellent means of meeting new people, expanding dating pool, or even getting back on the dating scene.

Participated in by millions of people, usually interesting singles looking for prospective partners, online dating is a good way to get out of the shell especially for those who have traumatic experiences in ordinary dating.

Today, more and more people are into online dating services because of time constraint. Too busy in other things, people who are into online dating want to maximize their time by meeting people virtually and form connections with them. Unlike regular dating which will require one to reserve seats in the restaurant or movie house, dress properly, look for possible date gift, and leave behind his/her schedule, online dating will give each individual enough time know each other without exclusive commitment. And since online dating doesn’t establish exclusivity to both parties, singles that are into it can even look for other interesting people who they can connect with.


If you are open to the possibilities of romantic relationships by using online dating services, then you must be well aware of the ins and outs of the virtual dating industry.

First, to be able to maximize the possibilities of the online dating service, you must take note of your budget and time before you finally sign up so you can estimate how much time and money you can invest in virtual dating. Second, surfing the Internet for good online dating services can help you decide which one is the best for you. By visiting various websites that offer online dating services, you can see if there are any specific sites that can cater to your interests and needs. Since most of these online dating services offer free trials, you can even take advantage of that promotion to know how well the site or the online dating service itself works.

But if you want first hand information, you might want to ask your friends who have tried using several online dating services and ask which one is the best option for you. If you have chosen several sites, don’t be afraid to sign up for more because this will expand and diversify your selection. The following are some of the technicalities you have to deal with in signing up for a specific online dating service.

1. Payment models. Usually, it’s free to post a profile and photo in online dating services. After that, various kinds of payment models emerge depending on the user’s preference. The most common model is the “monthly subscription" model. Here, users should subscribe to be able to send mail but the reply is for free. Next is the “reply-based" subscription wherein you must subscribe to reply but it’s free to send mails. Others include “buy a block of credits to pay per message, " and “instant messaging. "

2. Profile basics. Online dating services usually require basic information like age, height, ethnicity, religion, eye color, hair color, occupation, education, smoking preference, favorite hobbies, favorite activities, words that describe your personality, things you are looking for in a partner, how serious are you in getting a partner, and questions that help you describe your values, beliefs, and the like.

3. Security issues. Before you weight the pros and cons, compare prices, and sign up totally in any online dating service, it is a must that you determine how mush personal information you are about to give. This will protect you from anyone who would want to use your identity. You must also determine how many people you are willing to communicate with on a regular basis so you can know your prospects very well.

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