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A lot of unrest over the summer of 2006, concerning the immigration in this country. . . both pro and con. I'm Hispanic, and I speak and understand the Spanish language, and when I was growing up in Albuquerque, I spoke a little of both. We called it Spang-lish!

In the year, 2006, the United States is now a country of 300 million people, and with the global economy, many jobs have left America for other places, etc. Therefore, it's getting tougher and tougher for a person to make a living in the United States. It used to be that a high school diploma would get you through life, but not anymore. Students have to try to get that college diploma, or skills at a community college anymore to get those hard-to-find jobs. So, everything is getting tougher!

I was appalled over the summer, when I saw on the news, that some in this country wanted to change the U. S. anthem to Spanish, and I listened to part of it! Outrageous! My little pet-peeve is when I have to work with somebody at work, and they can't or won't speak English, and expect you to speak Spanish! I'll give you a couple of examples.

I was working with a woman from Mexico, who spoke very little English. Because I am Hispanic, she spoke Spanish to me, and I told her that I preferred to speak English, because of some of the technical aspects of the work were doing. She wouldn't hear of it, and she spoke to me in Spanish and I didn't accommodate her, so I spoke English to her. She told me that if she had her way, she would have ALL the people in the United States speak Spanish, so SHE wouldn't have to speak English! I was appalled by this statement, and I knew we were NOT going to get along! I told the woman, that if she didn't want to learn how to speak English, she could go back to Mexico where she came from!

When I was working as a temporary employee, the same thing happened to me, when I had to work with a man from Central America someplace. He had already been in the United States about 6-7 years and he claimed he didn't speak English. I guess he thought I would accommodate him and speak Spanish, and I did for a while, to get things going in the job. I then told him that I preferred to speak English, and he seemed to get annoyed by that, so I told the boss I wasn't going to work with the man and I got another assignment.

It's called taking advantage of me. . . and, because I'm Hispanic, and living in an English-speaking country, I shouldn't have to speak another language to anyone who is rude and inconsiderate and want things THEIR own way! This man had the same basic mentality about him, as the woman I previously spoke of. . . "we have to do things in the U. S. MY way!" I DON'T THINk SO! “It's time for you to go back where you came from, pal. "

You bet I'm resentful, when something happens to me like this! It's like they have no respect for me, and it irritates me! During the 2006 mid-term election, I noticed all the ballots and paperwork connected with the election, are printed in English AND Spanish! That goes for the yellow pages; the instructions on the copy machine; the menus on the phone; and no telling what else. . . and, I'm tired of dealing with it! The government, at every level, is accommodating these people by doing this. YOU AND I HAD TO LEARN HOW TO SPEAK AND WRITE ENGLISH. . . so, the people coming here from other countries, have to do the same thing!

The Hispanic market in the United States, is growing everyday, and companies are going to cater to the market. But, commerce is one thing, because they only care about the bottom line, and government is another! And, I don't think the government is doing right by doing this. If you go to Germany, what is the language? German, right? If you go to France, what is the language? French, right? If you come to the United States, what is the language? Spanish, right? I THINK NOT. . . HELL NO

Throughout all the unrest and protest during the summer of 2006, I noticed one of the protesters on the news carrying a sign that read, “You Need Us!" And, to that man carrying the sign, I say, “The American people will show you the door!"

If people come to the United States from all over the world, their freedom of religion, they're culture and heritage is never threatened. That what America is all about. . . FREEDOM! We're all a mix of immigrants. But, if people from other countries think American citizens are going to put up with another 200,000 of Cuba's WORST. . . or anybody else's worst. . . you'd better think twice! AMERICA and AMERICANS CANNOT GIVE THE COUNTRY AWAY. . . and, American's have to think of providing for American's FIRST. . . and then take a look at the options!

Gone are the days, when the door to immigration is open wide! Remember, we're now a country of over 300 million people! We have to look at American's FIRST! I opened this piece by saying, that Americans are also struggling with job losses and uncertainty in their futures, with more competition for jobs, in a world economy, etc. And, if people who come here, from all over the world. . . who don't want to learn to speak English. . . and don't like it here. . . there's a simple solution! GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM!

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