Sacred Love - Take Your Hat Off After Work

Christopher Walker

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Your dreams come from your heart, they come true, one day at a time. You will achieve your immaculate dreams, piece by piece, one day at a time, so make your day a step, rather than a leap toward your dreams. Whatever you do, do not fill your day with long and difficult projects, or rushing here and rushing there, feeding your ego, getting nothing done well. Create small increments that add up and take you, step by step, toward your rainbow. Life is a process, the process is love. Love cannot exist in a frenetic scramble of over work, over reach, and over filled schedules. Write down your daily chores, if you must, but make it easily achievable in a healthy state of mind. Don’t drag chores to tomorrow. Be patient; prioritise your attitude, your thankfulness, your love and your lover. Never allow your day to become so cluttered that you neglect your most important aspect - to love the best you can, to love this day, to rest grateful and satisfied with what you have accomplished. Make your life a romance.

I love you more

I love you more than all the stars in the universe

I love you more than all the sand on all the beaches in all the world

I love you more than the air I breathe

And more than water

You are the essence of my entire existence

I love you more . . .

I love you more . . . . .

Remember to take your hat off after work

Being right at work might make sense, being right at home, kills love. Prioritise your love when you come home from work. Business has not evolved to the level of awareness where we can take off the ego. But if you bring this headspace in the door at home you are going to kill the romance.

So, if you come home, and you don’t get out of work mode, and start running your home, acting like you are the CEO of the house, being right all the time, asking your partner if they “did all the trivial work that you don’t have time for because you are so important” then don’t expect, by playing with these rules, to have a happy, sexy delicious romance.

In a relationship with an actor, make sure they stop acting. In a relationship with a yogi, make sure they stop trying to get it right. In a relationship with a bus driver, make sure they let go of control. You have to take your work hat off and put your love hat on when you come home.

The harmony of your relationship is no accident. It is the consequence of your attitude to life.

If you can be in tune with your own mind and the rhythms of nature, then one moment standing in the midst of nature with an open heart is like a life time of fulfillment.


Sharing space, and things and thoughts
A moment here, a lifetime there
I lean on you and you stand
And you lean on me, I try
We weave our hearts entwined,
Our arms, our thoughts, our lives
For there is no time
One thought and you are there
touching my being
caressing my soul
a sacred weave
It is divine, this love we share
It is divine, to know you
Sublime is my truth
I love you

Some people complain that their partner works too hard, but really, what they are saying is that after all the work is done, that partner is arriving home without energy for romance, exhausted and unappreciative, its almost like they have two offices. If you work long hours and come home full of love and joy and appreciation, nobody will really complain.

Romance is revealed in your energy. If you walk in the door of your home and you are exhausted from everything you do outside your relationship, then what chance is there for vitality and love? Now we need to be real. In the first months of your relationship, you’d save energy because you wanted to make an impression, be good, and alive. Then for some reason, because we are in a relationship, we think its a done deal and become all self important. The most vital time of your day needs to be the time you spend with your lover - they are not your recuperation machine, they are your focus.

This vitality is abundant, energy is free, it comes from the air you breathe, but if you are sitting around an office and breathing air conditioned air, and polluted city air with not much vitality left, you can easily burn out. This is why life force, and the awareness of Qi, is critical.

Qi is the Chinese word for life energy. It is the hidden energy that flows through all things. A living being is filled with it. A dead person has none. A healthy person has more of it than an unhealthy one.

It is also the life energy that flows through all nature. The earth itself is alive with Qi. Some poets call this planet Gaia, the living earth, and Qi is its life blood. The ancient ones say Qi is love and nothing in the universe can function without it. Yoga, Qigong and a million other Eastern arts are the skills of working with life energy, controlling the flow, maintaining the quality, and subsequently improving the health and harmony of the mind and body. In Yoga Qi is called Prana, it is one and the same energy they speak of. In Christian teaching it is the Holy Spirit. In Buddhism it is called Compassion. It flows through everything. You can’t own it, but you can store it.

Most people blow it. They get a little excess energy, and the first thing they do think of is going for a run. But the Inspired individual doesn’t want to exhaust their energy, they want to store it, and this was, but rarely is, the purpose of meditation. In fact, the whole thing has become so westernised that my doctor friend claims that 90% of his patients who are exhausted do yoga (it exhausts them), and many of the worst cases are the teachers.

Sensitivity to life force energy allows you to become conscious of healthy and unhealthy activity. That which drains Qi is considered unhealthy, that which builds it is considered on potent, but you’ll need to learn how to store it.

You can go home from work with more energy than when you arrived, as long as you are mindful of your approach. You should go home from your meditation and yoga vitalised, not drained and exhausted. The best sleep is not exhausted sleep. The best sleep is vital and alive, and masterfully spent in deep rest.

In the city, the main source of vitality, life force in the air, , is depleted. It is at its highest in a rain forest or near the ocean. That is why romance and love taken into nature for retreat is so profound. Love stores it, and nature provides it. There are so many myths about *** tion exhausting people, but this is just religious rhetoric trying to control your activities. Forget it. The thing that exhausts you is the lack of love, depreciation, and the ego’s mad panic to compensate.

Romance requires energy. In your relationship, you deserve it, and your partner deserves it. So focus on your energy, make sure that when they are with you, you have stored that energy, and you are vital. One last word, stillness is the key. The more life force you have, the less frenetic you become. It is the difference between power and force, like the difference between love and infatuation.

Chris Walker is a world leading change agent, an environmentalist and author of more than 20 books. Born and bred in Australia, he consults to people and organisations throughout the world on improved relationships, health and lifestyle through the application of the Universal laws of Nature. The result he offers is that we stay balanced, share loving relationships, work with passion, enjoy success, and live our personal truth. To learn more about Chris’s work and journeys to Nepal, visit


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Sacred Love - Maintianing the Balance in Love and life
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