Sacre Love - Be in Your Element in Love - an Ayurvedic Perspective of Relationships that Last

Christopher Walker

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I will summarise these body types here for you

  • Earth People – Stocky
  • Water People – Round and fleshy
  • Fire people – Medium muscular
  • Air People – Short thin
  • Ether – Tall thin

    Ether / Ether

    Tranquillity meets wisdom. Life is filled with unlimited ideas, beautiful thoughts, deep and wise conversations, and peaceful and fulfilling discussions. Not bothered about right and wrong. They seek knowledge from each other.

    In this relationship two people will reach for the skies and no amount of reality will thwart them. It’s a dream come true. High above the clouds two Ether Predominant people will dream and fantasise about the world as it should be or even could be. Space, space, and more space is needed for you both to thrive. They are into touch and feel and sensual delights. Long courtship, foreplay and plenty of after sex conversations means these two need to set the alarm to get out of bed in the morning.

    Alarm Bells: It is easy to be dwarfed by Ether, so Etheric, so out there, so sure of themselves that sometimes Ether on Ether means one of the two of you might gravitate to their second element in order to support the other. ” Warning bells ring here. The unhappiest people have changed their natural constitutional behaviour in order to make another person happy. Hold yourself equal to your partner.

    Ether / Air

    A new theme meets a perfect caption! Tranquil Ether has met dynamic Air. It is almost like Ether suddenly discovered a new window, overlooking the most beautiful ocean after being in the same room for half a century.

    Dreams are now poems. No more just formless dreams, they are spoken words now. These are two creative and dynamic lovers always inventive and tactile. When they can concentrate and relax their minds, the smooth rhythm of Air merges with the outlandish fantasies of Ether to create quite an athletic duo. Far away in some distant land it may all make sense but to an observer these two are visitors from a different world.

    Alarm Bells: Although Air is the master communicator; it is often quantity rather than quality that can make working this relationship, a challenge. Air can’t help itself, it must share, it must communicate, the rest is irrelevant for tomorrow there will be more, the download can take forever, and listening is not crucial – just a nod every now and then can suffice. Ether thinks a lot, and that’s a bit frustrating for Air, especially when Air is talking and Ether is thinking. You both need space, quiet and agreements on talk time.

    Ether / Fire

    Ideas on Fire. A flame learns to be still. Being with Ether is meditation for Fire. Now, Fire feels cantered, gets more focused at least enough to become more precise.

    Love is on Fire for the first time! It’s love at first bite. Fire lights the flame and Ether has no interest in putting it out. Its all systems on go. There are places to go, people to see, new ideas to share and no time to waste. It’s a lifetime in a week. Everything is possible, the rocket is alight and the ideas are aflame. As lovers anything and everything is possible. With Ethers fantasies and Fires obsessions, this couple can become bed ridden. How long can it last? Oh they both look worn and tired but through it all, lust and love merge for Fire and Ether and life only gets better.

    Alarm Bells: Ideas won’t work by themselves. Ether doesn’t realise it easily. Fire smells it from miles away. Fire’s growing appetite and obsession with the results can drive Ether away. The sacrificial love, the sacred Fire of this relationship can begin to burn out if they don’t do some careful maintenance. Fire becomes obsessed, Ether begins to drift, the energy is hard to sustain, the highs were highs and the lows can be low. Trust, loyalty and expectations can make this relationship sour easily. It is up to you both to cut each other some understanding. Fire needs space and Ether can provide support.

    Ether / Water

    Blue sky touches a full river. Water gets a new world of ideology in addition to its nurturing nature. Ether witnesses a new practical meaning to their philosophy, that of giving. Calmness surrounds them.

    Ether, all of a sudden, thinks about a family. The feminine aspect meets the divine and the powers of the heavens merge with Mother Nature. This couple can glide through life, giving and taking, sharing a wonderful sensual and exciting existence. The diversity of their element guarantees lots of laughs and the softness of their nature’s guarantees stillness. If you are the Ether-Water pair, celebrate the great gifts that nature has brought your way.

    Alarm Bells: “When are you going to start taking responsibility?” Water is irritated finally. Indifferent Ether makes Water think that he is selfish and obsessive. The combination of Ether and Water, although a heavenly pair, may just find that too much of a good thing can become mundane. Water's contentment and Ether's virtual reality can clash from time to time. The whole world may begin to become irrelevant, and the relationship may take on a meaning much bigger than ever intended. Be careful to maintain a healthy aspect of exercise, travel and social life.

    Ether / Earth

    Philosophy is finally put into practice! If Ether inspires Earth with ideas, Earth can spend their whole life on it until fruition. Ether never has seen this before!

    The beauty of this love is its dichotomy. The sparks will fly, the flint is often ignited in a positive sense, and this makes for all manner of *** gymnastics. It makes for creative development and manifestation. This couple can imagine and make it real. It’s a formidable duo when the world of the arts considers that such a pair is a stereotype of the great artists. Manifestors who need the muse, and creators who need management. This is the joy and the bliss of this union, a creative but grounded love affair that will never ever be boring (unless one or the other gets too dominant). Earth gives love by protecting Ether from the ravages of the world. Ether gives love by inspiring Earth to achieve their dreams.

    Alarm Bells: Control, control, control Ether don’t like the way they are treated. The problem may lie in the fact that Ether don’t need protection and are happy with things as they are.

    So there is a giving that might not be appreciated. There is a loving that might be seen as controlling. It really isn’t wrong, just confusing.

    If this is your elemental combination, be mindful that the way you see the world of your partner is just that, your view, not always theirs. If you can understand each others elements, you can thank each other for the love, laugh at the different forms, and get on with life.

    Air / Air

    Dynamic duo. Carefree spirits. Life is full of freedom for them. Friendly lovers? Not impossible. These are linguistic kings and queens, a magnificent merging of spirits, two blessed and happy souls merging in this relationship to find that conversation is a cornerstone of their love nest. Fun, light and open they celebrate life at every turn and find that making things happen is a great joy for them both, while together. People love to be around air – air relationships, they are infectious spreading love and happiness. Sometimes they get so wrapped in each other that they forget that the world is round, it’s just one big rose garden for these two kindred spirits.

    Alarm Bells: Two angry cats in a bag? Scattered brain? Blocked communication? Inconsistent and unreliable to each other? Don’t know what to say? Insecure relationship? You can talk non-stop about this breaking down relationship at the office or in the bed.

    If you over wind an alarm clock the spring eventually snaps and so too, Air and Air can wind each other up until they are off the planet. They can emotionalise each other, spin each other out and there’s no stopping them. They may very well attack each other instead of taking responsibility to be self aware and self-responsible, and get out of trouble. Be careful my two Air friends – avoid blame at all cost and you will celebrate love forever.

    Air / Fire

    Dancing winds and a blazing flames!

    The relationship is exciting, spontaneous, never bored and light hearted. What dynamics have you chosen? A joyful, fun loving experience with a wild and wonderful life existing between Fire and Air. Everything is possible, with a minimum of fuss. You’ll love each other's ideas, be in a hurry to do whatever comes to mind and can keep up with each other's fast pace of change. A sexy couple, you’ll find great holiday resorts, fantastic bush walking trips and places to make love no one else has thought of yet. A powerful and wonderful dynamic.

    Alarm Bells: Thinking is like talking for Air while living is undertaking action for Fire. While Air talks about it, Fire starts doing it. Air people often change their minds while Fire people may have already committed themselves to it. Then Air changes their mind again and now, Fire is frustrated. Try to understand each other. Air needs a listener, not a doer.

    Fire needs to practice ‘calm’ before they ‘storm’ into action, especially when dealing with Air. Air needs to do their homework before presenting an idea in this ever-changing world, especially to Fire. Try creating cooling-off periods before action on any new venture or idea. You’ll have so much joy and happiness in this relationship as long as you take those precautions.

    Air / Water

    Elusive air and embracing Water signals an affair of Air and rain clouds. As the Water learns to flow with grace, Air learns to make ripples in Water.

    Ahh bliss – the contented pair, the soul mates, who are never apart. Air and Water live in harmony so much so the world becomes an intrusion. Water loves to nurture, Air loves to be nurtured. Water loves to listen and air loves to share. What bliss could befall these two elements co-habiting. To top it all the sex will be beyond comprehension. Long, slow, fun and sensual. A wonderful symbiotic bond means the physical attraction is blended with heart and mind to make a ‘Kamasutra’ experience automatically.

    Alarm Bells: Nature and nurture, the contradiction in the universe. To stay or go, to move forward or celebrate life as it is, Air loves ideas and thoughts and is always looking to improve, invent and develop new and exciting solutions. Water is happy evolving as the need arises. The challenge in this relationship is to manage growth, to decide on when and where to act. Water will wait while air will be impatient to open new doors. Love each other and see that it is the combination of the two of you that really makes the right pace. Love will blossom but be mindful to respect the differences.

    Air / Earth

    Communication in action. Air, being a voracious talker, articulates well and the Earth is in constant motion. Earth can try to match that in action! Now if there was in ancient times the model of the warrior and the lover, Air and Earth would be it. The brave hands on hero and the angelic being floating in his or her mind – the flowing silks set against the stone walls of the impenetrable castle walls. Yes, we know the hero always wins but his or her secret is always the angel of love. You two will live the magnificence of the ancients. Grapes always in hand to drip into each other's mouths. Undying loyalty and faithfulness, protector and angel, sweet and sour, ice cream and jelly, this is the life that built the pyramids, and you will do that and more.

    Alarm Bells: Duty calls Earth, there’s that time in the movie when the hero must decide, love or duty, and there is always a tearing of the heart. Air floats on love, Earth survives on duty. The challenge in the real world is priorities. Earth needs to meet his or her obligations and Air can change them in a moment. The daily challenges of work and play, of love and material is the cross you both must bear. Strong lines of demarcation, clear time allocation and no compromise work-home boundaries will make this relationship sail into the future, the maidenhead flying in the wind, the masts trimmed to perfection and the ship, ship shape as always.

    Fire / Fire

    An explosive, fast and furious team, this is the best combination to analyse and resolve any problem. Here the two Fires can feed each other with what they both need most: stroking. They understand each other, play together intensely, climb mountains together, are part of the same football team, collect stamps together. They are persistent and demanding lovers – looking for excitement, playing near the boundaries, a virile and demanding regularity, Fire and Fire are kindred spirits in all physical aspects of life.

    Alarm Bells: Competition can be destructive and jealousy can easily flare up. This competition can kill their bodies. Beyond human action plans and heartless strategies. Premature greying, aging and wrinkling will tell you all about it. Ahh, but there’s a catch. Competition means Fire on Fire might just begin to unconsciously play games. Physically they may meet, and in love they may be kindred spirits, but their minds may play games. Jealousy, insecurity and uncertainty can befall the Fire/Fire couple and then a gap can appear. If you are in a Fire/Fire relationship, be alert so that you do not become obsessed with winning – or being right all the time. It’s a 50/50 win-win situation. Your partner has strengths in places you don’t and for that they can champion your cause.

    Fire / Water

    A ‘precise and caring’ team.

    Fire spices up the Water’s romance. Water formulates recipes. Fire falls intensely in love with them, markets them brilliantly and it’s a great family business. Fire and Water, just think about the combination. Fire can turn Water to steam and Water can put the Fire out. A beautiful balancing act of moderation, fun and joyfulness, a great tenderness and beautiful softness that can sweep these two into love’s embrace. Deep and meaningful, long and sensual you two are made for warm nights in front of the open fire. A great working combination, a sensitive caring couple you can also use your energies to help others who don’t understand love and life. The romance is physical, emotional and heartfelt. A tender touching and most romantic relationship filled with all the beauty life can bring. Lucky Water, lucky Fire – you were made for soft moments and juicy sex.

    Alarm Bells: Fire can take things for granted. It just might become too easy, too comfortable and then resentment can surface. Water thinks Fire is heartless and Fire thinks Water doesn’t have any business intentions. Without lots of communication, this polar opposite can fall apart easily. Hey you two, you are in love and there’s more to love than just smooching around. Remember the weeks of romance, the honeymoon, that’s not for special occasions – it's how it needs to be every day. You both need to make a conscious effort to support and impress each other. With this you are destined to be in a long and happy relationship.

    Fire / Earth

    Fast and practical partners. They rebuild worlds faster than any other team. Earth gives Fire solid fuel. Fire loves it. Fire burns, transforms and changes the world.

    The love will build and material strength will support you both. The world is your oyster and you can rest assured that the energy between you will be thankful, hopeful and joyous. Sustaining the Fire – building the ground beneath your feet will come easily, the team you are is formidable. In bed – well there’ll be hours and hours and hours of magic, vital life giving lovemaking.

    Alarm Bells: The alarm bells for this relationship are purely self created – Earth may slow to a crawl wanting to put things in order – Fire may see new horizons and growth may be in separate directions. When this happens, destinies part. The future is built into your dreams. Earth – keep up – Fire be mindful not to go off in all directions for the sake of change. Boredom can kill any relationship – guarantee your future – keep growing together.

    Water / Water

    They are born to nurture each other and anyone around them. Intelligent Water/Water team can hold your attention for hours. They are deep lakes of stillness, calm oceans of silence. When the water moves, you see them everywhere inside, outside and around you.

    Intimate and deep relationships are also sensual and intensely emotional. Not many words, but lots of expression, emotional commitments, heaven on earth, love cocoon, two teddy bears hibernating in winter, and with the door shut and the curtains drawn its time for love and smiles and snuggles and cuddles. Two Buddha’s deep in compassion, peace and love everywhere signal a reality for any two beings, whose love and passion are soft and comfortable. The joy is infinite, the warmth, and radiant. You two can become a universe in a capsule. There’s no turning back, it's slow and steady and long and generous. A giving, snuggling and mushy world of kisses and cuddles and lots of care about the world around you.

    Alarm Bells: Food, joy, cuddles and love. What bliss. What about the real world? What happened in the last 5 years? Did you follow up on your career? What happened to the bank account and your health? Be careful Waters for still Waters run deep but they also form swamps. Be mindful of the other six areas of your life. Keep yourself healthy and diversify your interests, otherwise you may end up unable to celebrate love because there’s not enough energy or time.

    Water / Earth

    Water is poetry to Earth’s facts. Rocks start melting And Water gets some good grounds.

    Earth makes the decisions. Water brings the romance. Hold onto your seats ladies and gentlemen, because these two are about to go on a roller coaster ride which is wonderfully sensual, physical and emotional through thousands of years of history, journeying through the great rivers and canyons and up the tops of the highest mountains. A great celebration of mother Earth, the Water Earth combination screams with rapture at the meeting of minds and hearts. Its one out of the box, a relationship filled with gifts and giving of hugs and holding. A deeply passionate and wildly *** meeting of hearts! Lucky you two, have fun.

    Alarm Bells: Earth wants control and Water refuses it. Earth thinks and Water feels, so there’s often a conflict between values and what comes from the tender heart of Water and what comes from the gentle mind of Earth can often arouse much disagreement. How does on then, move forward? Well it’s a matter of compromise – don’t negotiate – just work on the values, which are important and hold on to them. You can do it, the twinkle in your eyes and the love in your heart can overcome these small challenges.

    Earth / Earth

    This team is extremely stable and productive, built to last and born to build. They accumulate a lot of wealth and property.

    Now here’s a couple you’d never ever want to mess with. They have it under control, they know what they want and will protect each other to the death – Romeo and Juliet were Earth and Earth. A couple, whose love died with their bodies. If you are in an Earth/Earth relationship, jump for joy you are about to celebrate the depth of life from which everything is possible. Don’t worry about long term – you two are glued at the soul. Loyalty and certainty are your strength.

    Alarm Bells: Life can be boring if earth/earth can’t get out of their ‘repetitive’ nature and ‘pathologically organised fun’. It can be intense. You both love order, and you both love to be in control, how can you live together like that. In this relationship there is need for balance, and understanding. To evolve together you need time out, tenderness relaxation and just chill time. You need to draw the line at control issues, need clear boundaries so that there’s just no confusion whose life is whose. Otherwise, there may be just one too many rules.

    Chris Walker is a world leading change agent, an environmentalist and author of more than 20 books. Born and bred in Australia, he consults to people and organisations throughout the world on improved relationships, health and lifestyle through the application of the Universal laws of Nature. The result he offers is that we stay balanced, share loving relationships, work with passion, enjoy success, and live our personal truth. To learn more about Chris’s work and journeys to Nepal, visit

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