My Little Red Diary Part 6: My First Kiss


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Do you remember your first romantic kiss? Was it with someone you fell in love with or someone you were in lust with? We are now at our halfway mark with “My Little Red Diary" series. This title can really ignite a sizzling story. Although I did not get very detailed and graphic in my diary, a few of these questions popped up after I reread my entry:

1. Who was the first person you passionately kissed?

2. Where did your first kiss take place?

3. How did you feel about the person you kissed?

4. Was it puppy love?

5. Did you enjoy it or was it sloppy, wet and repulsive?

6. Did you initiate the kiss or was it the other person?

7. Did you kiss this person on a dare or whim?

8. Did you regret it?

9. How old were you when you got your first passionate kiss?

10. Did this kiss lead to a relationship or the end of a friendship?

Have you had the type of “after the kiss" experience that occurs on television when fireworks are going off in the sky? Did naïve thoughts race through your mind, making you think that your first kiss “marked" your territory? Is there a personal sense of obligation to the person you kissed? Did the thought of a potential health risk come to mind, not knowing the type of lifestyle your kissing partner led?

As you reminisce about your first romantic kiss, reflect on the questions listed above. Whether you thought about them or not, how many variations of this subject can you write about? Here are some possible markets to consider pitching to:

  • Romance magazines

  • Women’s magazines

  • Men’s magazines

  • Romance novels

  • Relationship newsletters and magazines

  • Health magazines

  • Short story markets or contests

  • Romantic poetry

  • Teen magazines

    Intimate kissing before marriage is forbidden in many cultures, according to religious doctrines. It was and is still believed that this would lead to *** relations, which is an abomination to the spirit. In many instances where sex followed that kiss, problematic issues arose, such as *** transmitted diseases or teen pregnancy. Adults understood this because they either found themselves in this predicament or knew of someone who did.

    Whether your first kiss was warm and fuzzy, sweet and tender or wet and sloppy, someone has experienced the same thing. Although it seemed like an innocent gesture when you were a teenager, you have to understand that there are many dynamics to it. Many consider kissing an art form, while others may be too bashful to discuss it. Think about the different angles of awareness on this subject (good, bad or indifferent) and write about it. For subject matter that may be deeper than the superficial act, consider consulting or interviewing a professional. Be sure to exercise writer’s ethics when composing any of your potential stories.

    Kym Gordon Moore is a public relations strategist for budget conscious new authors and coordinates creative marketing packages for her clients. She is the author of the e-Book, “Alphabet Soup: 5 Main Ingredients for Turning Words into a Bowl of Hot Topics!" Many of her articles, essays, short stories and poems appeared in a variety of magazines, newspapers, ezines and anthologies.

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