Is America Being Overthrown By Our Own Political System?

Jim Hart

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In our system of government the laws of checks and balances over the executive branch (Presidency), legislative (Congress) and judicial system (Supreme Court) maintains the balance of power between these three separate but equal branches of government. But what can happen when one political party, is majority in all three branches? That is, a republican president, a republican house, a republican senate and a Supreme Court composed of republican appointed judges? I am not talking about what is “supposed to happen” rather, what “really happens”, you know, behind closed doors? I don’t have an answer but I have a few observations of what concentrated power in the hands of the few might look like.

1. Massive tax breaks and financial advantage to the rich and filthy rich individual and corporate campaign contributors, including corporate lobbyists.

2. Deregulation of industries, which benefit corporate powers that may be benefiting from unfair trade agreements, outsourcing of jobs, illegal immigration and price gouging of Americans (like oil companies).

3. Implementation of fund-raising systems designed to raise large amounts of capital quickly to support the cost of advertising to bash and smash political opponents and defeat them at the polls.

4. Developing highly effective communication systems and a “mantra” that effectively brainwashes Americans into voting favorably because of induced fear or "terror" of imminent repercussions.

5. Establish political platforms (democrats v. republicans) with ideologies that disenfranchises the majority of Americans from voting because of their inability to adopt either side of the political philosophy (e. g. abortion, gay rights, taxes, stem cell research, immigration, war, terror, religion, etc. )

6. Make it extremely difficult for any other political party to come to power besides the two already in place.

7. Implementation of electronic voting systems that can be manipulated to determine favorable outcomes for the party in power without any audit trail so common people could not simply or accurately count those votes.

8. Convince people their vote doesn’t really matter so a growing majority will stay home and not become involved in politics.

9. Override the popular vote with the Electoral College or Supreme Court ruling to further reinforce the fact that people’s votes don’t really matter.

10. Erode the middle class and create more poor people, keep the already poor poorer and help the rich get wealthier. Fool the poor people working for low wages into a false sense of wealth by ownership of cheap consumer electronics and goods, keeping true wealth in the hands of the elite who can continue to exploit the poor. Break the backs of labor unions.

11. Control the electronic media and it’s reporters by controlling FCC licensing to create state-generated radio and TV propaganda that appears as “news” when in reality, it is predetermined “press releases” by those in power.

It doesn’t take much imagination to consider how many of these elements are in place today and how little we can do about it individually and personally. However, there is one small thing you can do that will help fragment this control of power and it is this:

If you vote for a republican president, vote democratic across the board for your state representation. Likewise, if you vote for a democratic president, vote republican for your state representation. Why? By doing so you will limit the powers. A president’s power is limited in large part by congress and the senate. We should never have a situation where all branches of government are packed so tightly by one political party as our current situation with the republicans who control the house, the senate, the presidency and appear to be the majority on the Supreme Court.

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