Countdown Three Weeks


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Countdown Three Weeks

I wrote this article in time enough to give warning. But wouldn't you know it, my Computer ate my homework!

I have regained the title of the article, but the article itself has mysteriously disappeared!

Least you think that it was not done by conspiracy, I will here note that I am using a most popular operating system! There is said, by one individual who worked to developed operating systems, that failure is “built-in". This individual also developed an operating system, used mainly by your corner liquor; beer; and convenience stores. He said that the famous system we almost all use, is designed to fail! That is done in order to, supposedly, make the system small!

Man! If that is the reason, and the reality is not that is was designed to cause failure in order to increase sales, then what would the system look like if it was not “small"? Wow! Boggles the mind, I ain't kidding you here! But what has that to do with this article? Nothing! Not really. It is only mentioned to inform you, if you care, that in about “three weeks" we are going to war.

War! Not the war we are fighting now. let me be more specific here. Not the war that we are supposed to be fighting here! Is that more specific? Seems that it is.

I am speaking about a “new mission", which is silly, because I see it as being part and parcel of the goals that the “perpetrators" said was not a goal. No, we are not going to expand this war. Ok, I can deal with that. But I deal with it by not believing it!

Call it what you will. I am into “terming" myself. I call people in authority nationally, “Criminals". Its just for my own amusement. And to be more specific whenever I am thinking about such soon to be booted out of office, scoundrels. Well, to be more specific, kicked out of office, if not impeached before that time! How's that for specifics? I ain't kidding you here either! A plan is afoot.

Back though to my main point. In the next few days; now that I found out searching my computer that I cannot find out where my article is; we are set to come to some interesting intersects. I am talking about on the calendar. We are going to pass a “full moon", always good to fight under, but for American Forces that might be just the opposite! Since we have the ability to see in the dark, and to swim though the desert sands, and to walk upon water!

Well, OK, I am being sarcastic. But that is what I get paid for. Then, believe it or not, we will probably pass into a time-warp. One that will bring us to the passed up “Flag Amendment". An Amendment that is not really about our flag. That is; our National Flag. But rather about political power gained from military and ex-military members who vote as a block. You see, bringing this all down to a single sentence, our flag is not the National flag, it is instead the American Marine Flag. That flag became our flag when all our Laws were changed. We went bankrupt as a nation. To “fix" that, we got a “secret committee" meeting, not in Washington D. C. ; to change everything. Too many peoples rights to elected representation hurdles to jump in Washington. Someone might have noticed!

Not being able to change under the REAL FLAG, the conspirators opted to re-build this nation; If you want to call it thus; under the Maritime Flag of the United States of America. Neat trick. But then, that is what those lawyers are all paid for. Under this Maritime Flag, which is designated by the gold trim around its circumference, we have now fallen prey (good choice of word terms here, hugh?) to the Maritime Laws of this Nation. Not being under the laws of the American Nation gives lawmakers (You spell that with a lawbreakers) can do what they want.

First thing they did was give all our land; all our chattel; all our goods; and even our lives; pledged to a World Bank. Well, at the time it was the only World Bank. We call it the “Federal Reserve System Banks" now a day. That is to keep you from confusing it with a locally owned Bank in your neighborhood. Well, ok; there ain't no such thing, but I tried. They all are under the set up Bank mentioned above. To garner all the interest on all the money they did not lend to us, but to our Nation! Simple. And awesome.

So an “off-shore" Bank, owned by some Zillionaries, who are not all American Citizens. They “set" our rates using the ensconced “head of the Fed" person. Who meets with all Presidents to make sure they are aware of the potential threat of severe penalties for non-payment of interest, or of out-right ignoring the Federal Reserve System Rules and Regulations. You can term that the “Treasury" as those agents working under that “guise" are the “tax collectors" in this system.

That's why there can be no real “Tax Reform". None! You have to have the “King" take his “TAX" of all the people own, grow, or make. Just as in old England, in old Europe. Wait a minute! That is the very same system that we have now! Plain and simple ain't it?

Two “Full Moons" and by that time, there will be “Veteran's Day. Between those two events, well, three actually, there will be a sudden shift in war equipment and supplies. No longer will such be shipped to Iraq only! Now there will be need for it in the other “Theater" of War. The same war. This one. The one we see our sons and daughters die in, daily.

Iran? Or North Korea? Your guess is as good as mine! Only if I had my “druthers", it wouldn't matter. Between the two nations named here, we are going to get our “posteriors" kicked anyway. The “numbers" and the Geography say so! Too bad. I love this nation.

Dan Bunch, a Cherokee; Choctaw; and Melungeon; whose mother was a naturalized citizen born in Hong Kong. His father was born in Texas, a Cherokee-Choctaw-Melungeon, who served in the Army during WWII.

Dan Bunch grew up in Texas, where he participated in; football, baseball, and boxing. He enlisted in the United States Navy Reserve while still a junior in high school. He has had a multitude of experience in the business world in; insurance, real estate, finance, and a builder of custom homes. He has always been a writer, and cartoonist. He attributes his interest in many subjects to his early career as a newspaper boy. He married his high school sweetheart Gayle, with whom they have two children and five grandchildren.

Dan Bunch is a graduate of Grayson Co Jr. College, which he attended upon his return from Vietnam. He was a PO2'nd, crewmember aboard U. S. Navy River Patrol Boats, and is member of the DAV; and Veteran association. PLEASE VISIT MY CARTOONS BY DAN BUNCH MAIN PAGE


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