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Mohen Naorem

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The world is feverish. No peace at all! Proliferating tensions, crimes and unrests in the Indian sub continent are the startling sign for a nightmare. The policymakers and intellects of Manipur and the neighouring states must read this letter line by line.

All humanity must condemn all forms of sudden and unexpected attacks on the auspicious day of Krishna Janmastami at ISKCON in Manipur, regardless of who, how and why they are committed.

This is part of a world crisis that has been going on long before 9-11 and the fight against terrorism should not be called “The War On Terror" (as wars are supposed to be temporary and can be abused), but “The Ongoing Fight Against All Forms of Terrorism, Both direct (sudden, unexpected and obviously violent destruction of people and property) and stealth (poverty, corruption, injustice, exploitation, abuse, rape, incest, etc. ) terrorism".

It is very important that we who love humanity, quality life and the rights of all who are already born and living as human individuals, which by logical reason must also supercede the limited rights of the yet-unborn (we oppose late-term abortions in which the life or health of the mother is not in real danger), must never agree to this world crisis to be called “The War On Terrorism"!

It must be called what it has always been, well before the critical horrors of the murder of thousands of wonderful and innocent fellow humans on 9-11; “The On-Going Fight Against All Forms of Terrorism, Both Indirect and Stealth Terrorism!" For when we call it “The War On Terrorism" we risk something just a evil; empowering corrupt officials to disregard, disrespect and destroy the very same democratic, social and individual, human rights that the terrorists are also seeking to destroy!!!

There is no need or any fair excuse to limiting the rights of society and individuals in the name of the ongoing fight against terrorism which certain evil officials dare call “The War on Terrorism".

Unfortunately the enemies of humanity, of international cooperation, of moderation, wisdom, reason, love and truth, have been around for thousands of years and are at both ends of global society; they are the sick, cowardly murderers who, perhaps unwittingly, in doing acts of direct terrorism give unreasonable power to the other extreme; made up of a minority of people who are corrupt, anti-social, selfish-minded, evil officials who are not the majority of officials in any given country, for most government officials at almost all levels of society in most countries of the world are relatively decent, good, honest, hard-working, responsible individuals who truly respect the human rights of all non-violent and defense-oriented societies (groups) and individuals!!!

Our enemies are a minority of people on both ends, and not our fellow humans who make up the majority in-between!!!

Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest Americans who ever lived, spoke with love and wisdom when he said: “You can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time" and “. . . government of the people, by the people, for the people"! Benjamin Franklin, one of the world's true geniuses and also a hero of the great American Revolution said something very wise and loving; “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. "

It is a sad truth of our times that many relatively good people in governments all over the world are not aware of the extent of corruption perpetrated by people in their own midst who could care less about human rights and freedoms, and who are just as sick (mentally ill) and evil (i. e. : serving the soul-less mechanisms of irrational hate and fear) as those ignorant, sick (mentally ill), evil and cowardly murderers who terrorise us!

However, let us keep this in mind; in many countries where corrupt officials have infiltrated almost all levels of government the people who appear to be the leaders (Presidents, Prime Ministers, etc. ) are themselves relatively decent people, if not a bit foolish or ignorant at times (some of them), who don't even realise that they are being used as puppets of these sinister few!!!

That is why we oppose irresponsible and superficially minded statements and acts against the “leaders" of many countries! If those leaders only knew how duped they were, and how a small but powerful minority of people are corrupting and destroying democracy and freedom, then they (the duped, fooled, lied-to “leaders") would either become true heroic leaders and fight both forms of terrorism or would admit that they are unable to fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of their office and resign!!!

There are some world-class leaders who are truly the exception; such as the great leader like Janeta Hijam Irabot! The enemies of democracy, freedom and human rights are a minority, but they are all over the place, and we who realise that these sick people are destroying what has taken ages of human suffering to try to make reality, and which after World War Two seemed to be becoming a full reality, we who love the wisdom of Gandhi, Franklin and other great sages before and since, we must inform the people, the masses of our fellow humanity, that the danger is just as much from them who would kill us quickly as those who would kill us slowly!!!

Yet, even as we know these truths to be self-evident we must not become paranoid and become part of the problem we seek to solve by turning our resolve to fight both forms of terrorism into a witch-hunt against which ends up destroying the lives of innocent people who may seem to be implicated but were not at all involved!!! Too often when faced with a complex problem we have been over-simplistic and careless in trying to solve that problem, and thus we have often ended up making an even greater problem while doing little to nothing in solving the first one!!!

This is not an easy fight we are in, and requires greater wisdom and love than we humans have yet tended to exhibit!!! We must fight scientifically and spiritually, with sticks and carrots, non-violence and self-defense; YES. . . CARROTS TOO and not just STICKS!!! We must tell the little minded fools who are yet on their way to becoming “sudden murderers" that they are lacking wisdom, love and truth and that they will only be giving much greater power to their perceived and/or real enemies by being so stupid as to think direct terror and violence works, when these methods always backfire and makes things even worse than before!!!

We must educate these lost ones by showing them the wisdom of thinking about infinity and how there must, by logical reason, be countless planets and worlds out there where terror and violence are all things of the past and where all those living there can enjoy relatively healthy and exciting lives of love, fun, honest pleasures and wisdom!!!

We must also reach out to the sons and daughters, as well as the novices, of those who have corrupted their official position of authority and abused the trust and power invested by us in them, and let them know that stealth terrorism is also as sick and illogical as direct terrorism!!!

We must hope that we are not wrong in trusting that certain Presidents, Prime Ministers and Chief Ministers are well-intended people who have not yet realised the extent to which their government's have been infiltrated by corrupt and sinister sick minded individuals, and who will make amends to strengthen the global civilisation of democracy, freedom, unity-through-diversity, tolerance of the tolerant, non-violence-option-option-oriented people like you and me, while also doing their best to prevent direct acts of terror!!!

For if we all remain silent and passive in the face of such direct and indirect (stealth) terror then we will all soon regret not having done more, much more to getting rid of one evil without getting rid of the very good that that evil seeks to destroy; democracy, freedom and all the wonderful human rights that our great United Nations was founded on!!! Only wisdom and love, the knowledge of the truth of Infinity and GOD can empower all life and liberty loving moderates to unite and fight the evils of direct and stealth terrorism!

In our quest of a decent world, free from want and hate, we implore that those few among the wealthiest, provide us a louder voice to the world, so that our message born of true wisdom may be heard by all and so that the children of ignorance and intolerance and corruption may change and become part of our great human quest!"

Mohen Naorem is the Executive Editor of a fashion magazine, He is associated with a non profit organisation


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Terrorism and America Did the US Bring it on Themselves?
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