For the Un-Initiated, What is Seduction?


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Sociology defines seduction as a process in which a person deliberately entices someone into a particular act. Seduction could either be conducted in a joking or a serious manner.

Seduction usually refer to behavior that is *** in nature. It also refers to a particular act in which a person may later regret doing it or it could be something that a person does not normally do.

History has provided everyone with the all time greatest seducers. The most notable of them include Cleopatra, Don Juan and Casanova.

Seduction and *** matters

Seduction is famously known as synonymous with anything sexual. This process entails persuading someone to change whatever is their behavior in order to meet the seducer's desires.

It is implied therefore that the seducer is acting a motive out not for love for a seducee, and that the latter is doing something the seducee does not necessarily or normally engage in.

Strategies for seduction

Believe it or not, strategies that involve seduction are many. Seduction primarily depend on one's gender, circumstance and personality.

Theorists in social behavior define seduction as a form of specialized persuasion. Seduction is also a form of subtle power that heavily rely on mastery of one's psychology instead of coercive use of money, power or intelligence.

Seduction in legends and literature

The truth of the matter is that ancient legends, myth as well as classic and popular literature have lots of accounts that detail seduction that are *** in nature.

These stories generally describe gods and characters as they are involved in seduction. From the story of Eve as she ate the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, to Ancient Greece's Sirens, to the Odyssey and India's Krishna. Seduction is so prevalent that temptation seems common.

Observe how temptation and seduction themes eventually lead to the departing from existing norms and the embrace of “bad" and forbidden desires.

Cleopatra used seduction to achieve power and to fulfill her desire of consolidating her own empire via charming Mark Antony and Julius Ceasar.

Casanova meanwhile - another seducer that lived during the eighteenth century - is now commonly associated with seduction via his name. Contemporary seducers in popular culture include James Bond, Mrs Robinson in the film The Graduate as well as parodies such as Austin Powers.

Seduction laws in history

Believe it or not, there existed in history laws that punished acts of seduction. The felony - as stated in common English law - is committed once a person that is male in gender induces a female (who is unmarried or was previously chaste) to commit or engage to a *** act under the guise of marriage.

Note that the crime was never against the female who is unmarried but against the female's parent who - back then - had the property right to the woman's chastity.

In American Law, way back in 1937, Frank Sinatra was charged with seduction for committing a *** act with a single woman under the guise of marriage. However, when the woman was found to be married, the charges were dropped.

All in all, seduction does not hold that much legal clout now-a-days compared to the days when sex was thought to be something illegal, unless done within the confines of a marriage.

Fortunately or unfortunately, people know better now. Or do they?

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