Harness Your Thoughts About Retirement---It Doesn't Exist!

Curtis Graham

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Face it! You are sucked into the myth like everybody else. Level of education, social hierarchy, or ethnic background makes no difference if you’re planning retirement. Natural instinct does.

Our minds aren’t made to be idle. Our bodies are movable for a reason. Buried within ourselves is a burning desire to be productive, responsible, and protective. Those three motivations when it comes to job retirement keep us from retiring when you get right down to it.

When a person claims to be retired, it only means that they have changed goals—not given up work. And this leads you to your own definition of retirement. The old traditional definition of retirement, of quitting work altogether, never happens, especially now.

Seven distinct issues confirm that nationwide retirement is a hoax:

1. Responsibility: Everyone is responsible for something whether they like it or not. It’s not simply that you accept responsibility for your own actions. We do. The critical issue is your family office responsibility to family, friends, and those around you. It requires effort—or work.

2. Productiveness: It breeds respect, admiration, and self-esteem. Even in “retirement" the act of accomplishing a project, volunteering, or building something requires work. The feedback gives us peace of mind and the need for it to continue.

3. Protectiveness: Throughout life, each person seeks to preserve what they have accomplished. You naturally protect those accomplishments from theft, destruction, and change. They are monuments to your value as a person. You protect family, friends, and others routinely and often without thinking. And that takes ongoing work and attention.

4. Fulfillment: It deals with mental peace. The only way that joy and happiness can seep through your filters, is to understand what the first three factors do for you. You can’t get it sitting in a chair 16 hours a day doing nothing. No one else can do this for you. You can’t buy it, nor find it lying around somewhere. Yes—it does require work.

5. Caring: This ingredient can’t be a silent thought, it has to be shown. You may have just quit your 30 years working for the company, but now you have to take on another personal quest usually involving family members, and friends. It’s another job, different maybe, but caring is a physical and emotional function.

6. Teaching: As a role model for those less mature and experienced individuals looking up to you, your obligation is never ending. Sharing knowledge, information, and advice is a job you accept without question. Those who don’t, are miserable and depressed.

7. Obligations: From the day you are born, you take on social responsibility and obligations. They start small and become huge in senior years. Your obligations to your family become almost invisible with time because they are a part of everyday life patterns. It never ends. It’s work, but you hardly accept it as work.

What retirement is to a two-income family, is when one can finally stay home. Others consider switching from a real job to a work at home job is what retirement means. Isn’t it remarkable that so many retirees go back to work again? Why? Because their idea of retirement stripped away their dignity, self-esteem, and value as a person.

Transition from job to job is nearly the same as moving from a shop-job to a home-job. The real difference is the environment. You may have noticed that the seven issues described above are applicable to every part of your life, whether you have an outside job or not.

So if you are exchanging a full time job for enjoyment of a hobby, fun with another business, or traveling the world spending all your money, it all involves your time, effort, thought, action, motivation, and persistence-commonly called work. Retirement must mean something else? Right?

The author, Curt Graham, is a retired medical doctor who has written extensively on many topics over his 35 plus years in active medical practice. He is a published author in Modern Physician, and is credited as an “Expert Author" by EzineArticles.com web directory.

For more detailed and expanded articles concerning how to obtain better health care, among others that are found on his website. Go there now!


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