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You’ve taken the plunge and decided to use a Honeymoon Registry. Where do you begin?

A Honeymoon Registry is an online Registry where you ask your wedding guests to buy segments of your honeymoon cost. While there are plenty of Honeymoon Registries around, simplicity of use should be one very important thing to consider. If you, who are very keen to set up a Honeymoon Registry, have difficulty in understanding what exactly is expected of you, ten to one your guests, some of whom may still hate computers with a passion, may be easily discouraged. Be aware, that Honeymoon Registries are not yet wholly accepted by most people, so making it easy to use is imperative. By the same token, there are those Registries who are happy to deal with your guests by fax and phone.

Setting up your Honeymoon Registry may be done entirely through the website of your provider, in person, via an email, or by phone. You will be able to submit your list of wants and needs, and more than likely you will be put in touch with an expert who may discuss them with you, and possible make suggestion about things you may not have thought about.

The list on your Registry, like the Bridal Registry, can include anything your little heart desires. The more common items include accommodation, transportation, meals, sporting activities or various entertainment events. To pay for these items, each one is broken up into an amount envisaged as appropriate for the type of guests you’re inviting, though there is usually a minimum amount for a single gift. If they feel particularly generous, there is nothing to stop any guest from buying you several segments of a particular item.

Now comes the difficult part. Letting your guests know. Some couples choose to send printed cards, often supplies by the provider, announcing the Honeymoon Registry and the web address. Other couples will create a personal website, with a link to the Honeymoon Registry, and ensure that all guests are made aware of it. Others still, try to do the whole bit of announcing via word of mouth.

Once you actually get your guests to the Registry, they will look through the items you’ve selected as your preferred gifts, and click on their chosen gift. They may buy and pay for it on the website, or may choose to buy the item over the phone.

To find out how your registry is going, you just log in and check. The list will be updated in the real time.

Vlady Peters is an author of “Honeymoon! A Sizzle or a Fizzle?”, a book about planning the perfect Honeymoon no matter what your situation happens to be. To find out more, visit Vlady’s website http://www.betterhoneymoon.com


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