Emotional Affair Warning Sign #1 - "But We're Just Friends"

Jeff Herring

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Emotional affairs are in many ways more difficult to spot than physical affairs. An emotional affair can look just like a friendship to outsiders. An emotional affair is much easier to deny than a physical affair, especially to yourself.

"We’re just friends" can be deadly words

"But we’re just friends" can be some of the most deadly words in a relationship.

This is because if you have caught yourself thinking or saying, “but we’re just friends" you are probably already in trouble.

You see the journey to an emotional affair is a very slippery slope. Most people do not start out seeking to complicate their lives and mess up their love relationship by seeking out an emotional affair. I’ve heard so many people say “well, it just sorta happened. "

Sorry, you don’t get to say that one. You may not have intended to end up in an emotional or even a full blown physical affair. But each step of the way was a decision you made, a choice to go down a certain road.

When you catch yourself thinking “we’re just friends" or having to defend yourself to others by saying “we’re just friends" you have already started the process of rationalizing to yourself behavior and choices that you know are not acceptable.

If you are doubting this point, just take the word rationalize and spell it just a little differently:

rational lies.

Rational lies you tell others.

Rational lies you tell yourself.

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