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An epiphany, simply stated, is a sudden realization or understanding about something in a way you have not known before.

For the most part, in this day and age, we are able to choose the one we love and want to marry.

Choices may be made for a number of reasons, but we can make the choice.

Hopefully, one of the elements of that choice is the aspect of “love”. The very concept of love is such an illusive and mysterious thing.

When we first meet our future companion, a number of things can happen. Things that fall across the broad spectrum of human experience. We experience sensations within along various planes, such as the physical, emotional, spiritual, and professional aspects of our personal make up. We feel as if we have fallen “deeply in love”, because we are experiencing these spikes within us from these various aspects of our internal being. And that is good. We should feel a developing closeness and desire to be with that special someone we have met. That is the beginning of a relationship. The beginning of a friendship that should and could continue for decades yet to come.

But we need to realize that it is only the beginning. “Happily Ever After” does not happen on its own. It takes patience, tolerance, a degree of personal surrender and work. If those sentiments and emotions that initially brought us together were honest and true, then the relationship will last.

Now, don’t kid yourself. Every relationship requires a constant nurturing effort of 100% on the part of both individuals. Life has its ups and downs. That’s what life is all about. Life is full of events and challenges that can either draw us together or pull us apart. We make the choice on the outcomes. We choose how we will react to our mutual experience. It is not the event or challenge that makes us succeed in our relationship, but how we choose to act or react to them. It is if we act together or react separately.

The epiphany comes when we finally realize that our love in the beginning was a simple love. The love that keeps us together is that which grows between us as a result of our struggles together through the challenges of life. That is how we enrich love. That is when we realize that we do what we do, not in spite of each other, but with and for each other. That is when we discover that we are truly “in love”.

Bob Curtis has a bachelor's degree in Psychology, and has been writing about the elements of relationships for a number of years. He is the manager of the Essential Sunshine Association, a new website for positive relationship development at .


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